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Hammer and Mop shares how essential is it to understand how often your home painting should take place, ensuring healthy walls and maintaining them.

How Often Should You Paint Your House

Renovating a house is the most exciting activity, as it transforms your dull home with those lacklustre walls into a new and pristine place to live in. Traditionally, part of the routine in renovating your home, is painting the interior of your house. Homeowners usually consider home painting only when there’s an occasion round the corner. But there is certainly a discipline which you need to… Read more →

Feedback from Mr. & Ms. Nanavati

While we are excited and going through a steep learning curve being a part of the SILA family at Mr. Homecare, we miss the quaint cleanups and warm loving feedback from our dear patrons. There were so few of them (3500 is a small number compared to 12000+) and we had the luxury of paying close attention to every session.… Read more →

We are now a part of Mr. Homecare family :)

Thank you for being with us throughout. Your support and patience has always helped us be better at what we do, and helped us learn from our mistakes. After four years of pioneering the professional home cleaning space, we’re taking the next jump. Hammer and Mop is going to be closely associated with Mr. Homecare (overview attached) henceforth, through a service partnership.… Read more →

Keeping Your Home Cleaner in a Season of Sniffles

A dear patron recommended we write about keeping our homes cleaner since it is a season of respiratory ailments, so here we go! It is that time of the year again, when seasons change and minor infections come creeping into our homes. Runny noses, coughs and burning eyes are common phenomena and not quite something that’s desirable. While there are a… Read more →

Tips for a Hassle Free Moving In Process

This is a guest post by Ron Leyba, lead editor for portals focused on homes in Michigan. He is kind enough to share with us a few tips for a hassle free moving in process. Basic Yet Important Tips for A Hassle-Free Moving In Process Moving in to a new house for rent may seem like a really daunting task,… Read more →

A phrase for extreme cleanliness.

One of our dearest customers and earliest evangelists shared the above video saying- Just saw this 45-minute ad from Leica Camera that shows a person meticulously cleaning a camera by hand. Reminded me of how the Hammer & Mop crew works. This was topped with the subject line- ‘To go full Hammer & Mop’ is a phrase for extreme cleanliness.… Read more →

What Causes Air Pollution at Home?

Closed doors and windows might not be the best way to live. Everything you see and touch has the potential to help build the air pollution levels indoors. Ventilation systems (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ceiling fans) are a good place for fungi and dust to field armies and spread throughout the room. Surfaces with stains and dust follow the same path… Read more →

OCD? Nah, kindred souls!

It so happens, that once in while we have the pleasure of interacting with some people who are truly passionate and crazy about cleaning. While many of us are quick to label such people as having OCD, we like to think of them as kindred souls. In this fast paced world, you rarely get to meet someone who will be… Read more →