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Hammer & Mop - incorporated in November 2011 – is a premium services provider
that focuses on professional cleaning and continued upkeep of high end premises.

Sushrut Munje Founder & Managing Director

Nitesh Chandra Alliances

Jude Goveas Communications

A writer and a published poet, his peer reviewed articles on customer service & management have been published on and StartupCentral. Driven towards creating and delivering value to concerned parties. In love with animals and efficiency. Also sits on the Unltd India selection panel once in a while.

Jude is a graduate in English literature, which he studied after dropping out of Engineering. A true romantic at heart and a complete book worm, Jude has that enthusiasm and energy that can only come from someone who loves every minute detail about his life. He loves to read blogs, listen to music every waking moment, and making people smile. His experience in BPO industry has taught him to communicate effectively.

A property management & a concierge company with cleaning as our first love. We are accountable, focus on service delivery and upgrade our methods and systems regularly. We also offer a range of customized cleaning services that include Essential, Moving In, After Party, Baby which can be packaged into Annual Packages.

Consistent quality, monitored processes. Clean and clutter free environments. We provide customized solutions to suit your specific needs, to enhance productivity and to promote easy living. We also provide a host of add-on services.

Comprise of MNCs, Consulates, HNIs, expatriates, upwardly mobile corporations that seek improved work environments. Providing premium cleaning and professional upkeep services across Mumbai, we've built a strong reputation for delivering consistent quality and good customer service.

Call for us now to have us 'Hammer' out the
clutter and 'Mop' afresh your workplace or home.
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We pay attention to detail, our equipment is regularly upgraded, and we’re always on the lookout
for the latest solutions to better suit all kinds of cleaning requirements. From microfiber dusters to
advanced stain removal sponges, from a premium range of cleaning solutions to the application of
nanotechnology, we work on providing you with the best.



It is a deep cleanup that covers every nook and cranny of any house or workplace. For an explanation of all serviceable areas, do read HOW WE CLEAN.

We now break down our cleanups into modules (as shown below), with a dedicated team assigned to each one. It helps us concentrate our efforts better and enhance service delivery, with each part of our cleanup. Also, with this system we make smaller teams and modules available for smaller cleanups.


*Each product and package is highly customizable, as per your requirement.

Whether it’s for the host of a party you’re invited to, your son’s messy room or for your parents back home while you’re abroad - you can now gift just about anyone with a Hammer & Mop cleanup! Call us to have it booked and we’ll customize it, to suit your gifting requirements.

A cleanup service that will leave no trace of that messy house party or birthday bash you had. Serviced areas include - Party Area (terrace, rooms, halls, etc.), Kitchen, Washroom(s).

A thorough ‘Essential Cleanup’ when you’re about to move in to your new premises, which includes deep dusting to ensure removal of construction & renovation dust. We also pay special attention to window-panes in order to remove sticker marks & paint stains.

It is an annual subscription of the Essential/Basic cleanups for all residences in the subscribed society. It includes upgrades and add-on cleanup services (After Party and Moving In cleanups).

This is a package for administrators of companies to arrange for Hammer & Mop cleanups in the homes of their employees, as a corporate perk. Read all about our corporate cleaning packages here.

It is an annual cleanup service tailored to your specifications and requirements, which includes – the ‘Essential Cleanup’ or the ‘Basic Cleanup’, or a combination of both cleanup services - scheduled at fixed intervals. You get to choose a frequency that you prefer – monthly/bimonthly/quarterly etc.

A cleanup service specifically designed to create a cleaner environment for newborns moving into their new homes. It includes thorough dust & dirt removal, optional sanitizing & deep vacuuming, and the usage of healthier alternatives for chemicals.

Note - We don't clean babies as the name may alternatively suggest.

It is a deep cleanup that covers every nook and cranny of any house or workplace. For an explanation of all serviceable areas, do read HOW WE CLEAN.

We now break down our cleanups into modules (as shown below), with a dedicated team assigned to each one. It helps us concentrate our efforts better and enhance service delivery, with each part of our cleanup. Also, with this system we make smaller teams and modules available for smaller cleanups.

A cleanup to renew any premises afflicted with ruin or calamity. If your premises has been a victim of an unfortunate crisis like a fire, flooding or leakage, then you've already worried enough. Leave the cleaning to us!

Pets can be very cute and furry, but that fur they leave around your house? Quite the acute problem, no? Don't worry! This cleanup vacuums all of it away, leaving your house and your love for your pets free of any furry problems.

Corporate Perks


We are a force of experienced professionals dedicated to help with property management, rent management, real estate broking and more. We also provide a special helpline to provide house-keeping remedies and tips.


Moldy cupboards or stained carpets? Confused what vacuum cleaner to buy? Feel free to ask and we will help you out with home remedies without charging you a penny. We're accessible on phone, email, Facebook, Twitter and even FaceTime/Skype if it helps! We've received calls from all corners of the world already and we'd be glad to be of assistance to you too.

Hammer and Mop "plug in" Concierge service brings to you an accountable point of contact for services ranging from premium cleaning & repairs to errands & deliveries. We work with trusted and established partners while ensuring consistent and quality service delivery. Best suited for Corporates and Consulates, you can also "plug our desk in" for individual residences and offices.

Ms. Bagadia, Korean Consulate

“Hammer & Mop cleaning services is a great boon. The apartment leased by the Head of our Mission was handed over just as the carpenters and painters had left leaving fine dust and stains very difficult to clean. The cleaning team quietly and most efficiently cleaned the entire apartment thoroughly, no nook or cranny was ignored - restoring the apartment to all its glory just within a couple of days. We truly appreciate their competence and look forward to using the services again. Thank you.”

Mrs. Bala Deshpande, Senior MD, NEA India

“I have a four bedroom apartment which is difficult to maintain in a dust free, sparkling clean manner as we are situated in a windy place plus the house is crammed with paintings etc. Hammer & Mop team are excellent in terms of their thoroughness, their commitment to ensuring that nothing is left undone and their trustworthiness.”

Mr. Anand Bajaj, President & Chief Innovation Officer, YES Bank

Thank you for such a neat and easy experience. Each member of the team seemed to be handpicked and trained for being humble and do their work quietly. The team was very cooperative and did not bother us with any queries and knew what exactly has to be done and how. The end to end process was so smooth and immaculate that we didn’t even realize that this was the annual Diwali cleaning. I personally did my hostel days inspection and found that most of the suspicious corners were taken care of appropriately. I believe that premium paid to you (if any) is well worth every penny spent.”

Ms. Naina Bachchan, Vice President, Barclays

"Outstanding work. Beyond all my expectations and will definitely use your services again. Many thanks to your hard working team."

Ramprasad Padhi , Founder & CEO - MumbaiProperties

"This was my first time at utilizing Hammer & Mop's Services and I was impressed at how quickly they got to work and how thorough they were. The team is sincere, prompt and efficient. I am extremely satisfied with their level of professionalism. In my experience, Hammer and Mop is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations. Being a Realtor & MumbaiProperties expertise at Expat Relocations, we are very finicky about the quality of deep cleaning to be done for our Client's Home. So when it was the turn of my home to be cleaned, I wanted the Best of the Best and I am happy to say that Hammer & Mop delivered on this. They ensure that the highest standards of cleaning are consistently achieved and are available to address issues and concerns and offer considerable assistance and coordination. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional, worry free answer to all your home / office cleaning needs. MumbaiProperties is happy to associate with them for our client's apartments / office Cleanups and we look forward to a long term alliance with them. Wishing you all the best, folks. Keep rocking & helping make this world a cleaner & healthy place to live in."

Mr. Sid Shah, President & CEO, The Wild East Group

“Cleaning, service, attention to detail was amazing. Thank you.”

Mr. Luca Fusar Imperatore, Malabar Hill

“The service provided by Hammer & Mop has been excellent: they delivered good results, they respected the schedule and they perfectly understood my needs, driving me to the proper service. Definitely I would recommend their service!”

Ms. Aanchal Malhi, Colaba

“If you suffer from an OCD of cleanliness (like I do), Hammer & Mop is your dream come true. I am obsessed with everything being clean and in order and they exceeded my expectations. I left a dusty, dirty house which had been full of carpenters and painters for a month and came back to a sparkly clean home! I cant begin to thank Hammer & Mop for making my new home super clean. Will definitely start an annual package with them! I’m a very happy lady today thanks to them!”

Ms. Maya Dani, Breach Candy

“Hammer & Mop did a fantastic and a very professional job of cleaning every nook and cranny of my flat, including the ceilings, the windows, the cupboards inside and out. I had expected upheaval and noise in my flat but the team worked very quietly and professionally room by room. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations. I will be using them again, for sure. Thank you, Hammer & Mop!”

Mrs. Kavita Mehta, Tardeo

“Hammer & Mop has done a terrific job keeping my 3BHK spic and span. I have 3 small children who find a way to hide toys, dirty the house and wreak havoc in the most unimaginable ways. The team comes in every 2 months to ‘re-set’ my house, clear away dust bunnies and fingerprints on the walls. The team is meticulous, thorough and always willing to help out. I love the way my home feels after they are done with their magic. Thanks!”

Ms. Ira Gardner-Smith, Bandra West

“Courtesy. Punctuality. Reliability. Efficiency. Minimum noise or disturbance. No odours of strong chemicals. Especially appreciated care in cleaning those areas now in need of repainting- I’d given up on these as hopeless! Successful cleaning of windows through and around window grills. General brightness and cheerfulness throughout the newly dusted home! Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.”

Mrs. Aishwarya Sriram, Ghatkopar

“Thank you! Very happy with the work. Would be glad to recommend to others as well.”

Dr. Mugdha Raut, Santacruz (Dr. Raut’s Women’s Hospital)

“Hammer & Mop workers were very meticulous, hard working and honest. They worked continuously for 8 hours with their supervisor. We all were so happy. The house was made sparkling clean. I highly recommend their services and wish the team all the best.”

Steven Sule , Malabar Hill

“Dear Hammerandmop,
I just want to thankyou for a fantastic job your team did. I was impressed by the quality of their service. They were exceptionally polite and we're extremely thorough with the quality of their work.”

Adv. Kapadia, Walkeshwar

“Your people were very efficient, polite and helpful and have done a great job of cleaning up the house. We would definitely recommend your company for any clean up job”

Milan Bhise & Co. Advocates & Solicitors (UK)

“Your people have done a wonderful and excellent job in our premises and we appreciate your hard work and professional attitude. We look forward to your excellent services in the future.”

Ms. Thukaram, Churchgate

“The team from Hammer and Mop did a fabulous job of deep cleaning my studio. In a little over three hours they transformed a dusty, messy place with cobwebs and dirt into a squeaky clean place that feels so welcoming! The team was punctual, courteous and above all did a great job! Definitely will be my SOS guys!”

Ms. Fernandes, Wadala East

“A wonderful job done. The team was great and really put in a lot of effort. They actually cleaned the house like it’s their own. The hardwork put in was admirable. Hammer & Mop really helped me flush away the dirt and grime in my house. They were reliable and didn’t need to be told what to do. Hats off to the concept and the executors, a fantastic job done.”

Priti & Ajay Rao, Bandra West

“We wanted to place on record our sincere appreciation for the wonderful work done at our residence. We were extremely impressed with Hammer & Mop’s professionalism at every step, right from the way you surveyed our residence to the execution by your team. The team was extremely thorough and worked very systematically with minimum disturbance to the rest of the household. We were also very happy with their attention to detail especially displayed by your operations manager. One of the bulbs burst while cleaning and without any comment from us, he organised and replaced the bulb. Also, the fact that you picked up that it was our son’s birthday the next day and sent him cupcakes was beyond our expectations. In a relatively unglamorous business, your service and standards stand out and we’d be happy to recommend you to all our friends. Please keep up the good work.”

Dr. Sangeeta Masur, Dadar

“Your cleaning service was extremely meticulous and complete. I and my husband were extremely happy about the professional approach your team followed. The glass cleaning service was beautifully done, we almost feel there is no glass in the window! So transparent, so clean, really wonderful! Thank you for the time and the service!”

Ms. Tolia, Malabar Hill (Director, SD Fine-Chem Ltd.)

“Fantastic. Very happy with the work.”

Ms. Mansi Sanghvi, Malabar Hill

“Your people were extremely thorough with their work, even removing channels from drawers and cleaning them. Even the panels to hide the tube lights were removed and all my construction dust vanished. Really appreciate the level of detail. Cheers!”

Mrs. Bhatt, Lower Parel

“Dear Hammer & Mop, the cleaning service provided by your 3 team members was excellent. They were extremely thorough and meticulous. They also came prepared and did not need any oversight from me. My home is noticeably clean, even my husband and guests noticed this! Thank you again.”

Ms. Malini Agarwal, MissMalini herself, Bandra West

“I use Hammer & Mop. These guys will spend 6 hours scrubbing every surface till it sparkles and they’ll do it with a smile :) Love How spotless clean the new office is courtesy @hammerandmop, best cleanup service in the city! xoxo”

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