Feedback from Mr. & Ms. Nanavati

Hammer and Mop shares how Bharat and Iddamarie Nanavati wrote a very sweet testimonial on the feedback form after a home cleanup was delivered in Mumbai.
Pic Courtesy: davebloggs007

While we are excited and going through a steep learning curve being a part of the SILA family at Mr. Homecare, we miss the quaint cleanups and warm loving feedback from our dear patrons. There were so few of them (3500 is a small number compared to 12000+) and we had the luxury of paying close attention to every session.

While sifting through the old feedback forms, thought it best to share feedback shared by Bharat and Iddamarie Nanavati – they have been our valued patrons and it has been wonderful serving them. As Nilesh (one of our field supervisors) wrapped the cleanup, this is what they had to say:

“Very good work and excellent manners of supervisor and staff.”

This kept us going for four whole years. Thank you for your love and support :)

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