Annual Packages

It is an annual cleanup service tailored to your specifications and requirements, which includes – the ‘Essential Cleanup’ or the ‘Basic Cleanup’, or a combination of both cleanup services – scheduled at fixed intervals. You get to choose a frequency that you prefer – monthly/bimonthly/quarterly etc.

After party cleanups

A cleanup service that will leave no trace of that messy house party or birthday bash you had. Serviced areas include – Party Area (terrace, rooms, halls, etc.), Kitchen, Washroom(s).

Corporate perks packages

This is a package for administrators of companies to arrange for Hammer & Mop cleanups in the homes of their employees, as a corporate perk. Read all about our corporate cleaning packages here.

Baby Cleanups

A cleanup service specifically designed to create a cleaner environment for newborns moving into their new homes. It includes thorough dust & dirt removal, optional sanitizing & deep vacuuming, and the usage of healthier alternatives for chemicals.
Note – We don’t clean babies as the name may alternatively suggest.

Moving in cleanups

A thorough ‘Essential Cleanup’ when you’re about to move in to your new premises, which includes deep dusting to ensure removal of construction & renovation dust. We also pay special attention to window-panes in order to remove sticker marks & paint stains.

Crisis cleanup

A cleanup to renew any premises afflicted with ruin or calamity. If your premises has been a victim of an unfortunate crisis like a fire, flooding or leakage, then you’ve already worried enough. Leave the cleaning to us!

Gift a Cleanup

Whether it’s for the host of a party you’re invited to, your son’s messy room or for your parents back home while you’re abroad – you can now gift just about anyone with a Hammer & Mop cleanup! Call us to have it booked and we’ll customize it, to suit your gifting requirements.

Sterilization Cleanup

complete chemical-free steam sterilization & optional anti allergen treatment for fabric – specially for medical patients and toddlers back from the hospital

Pet-Hair cleanup

Pets can be very cute and furry, but that fur they leave around your house? Quite the acute problem, no? Don’t worry! This cleanup vacuums all of it away, leaving your house and your love for your pets free of any furry problems.

*Each product and package is highly customizable, as per your requirement.