Floor Scrubbing

The floor is the part of a commercial or residential area that is generally the first to get dirty, as a result of which it is probably the most germ infested area. It requires the most attention as it is not only home to the most germs, but also plays an important role in giving an aesthetic appeal to the space.

The weekend is coming up and you’re probably throwing a party to bring it in, but your house is in a mess and who better to call than Hammer and Mop? In an alternate case, maybe the house is clean and everything is spick and span, but you wake up the day after the party, with a splitting headache, and the house is a mess. In places like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Pune, where the parties don’t stop, we provide a quick and thorough clean-up.

Unlike a regular floor scrubbing, we make sure that your floor looks like there was never a party to begin with. We do this by first addressing the dry dirt, and then a wet Mop with a proper scrubbing.

Relevant Feedback:

“We were looking for a cleaning company soon after our tenant had vacated the apartment. The condition of the house was extremely bad with several stains on the floor. Hammer and Mop did an extremely good job with the cleaning. The house looked spic and span! They are not a regular cleaning company; the staff are extremely professional which helped us save our time and the level of our involvement. Thank you!”

– Ajitabh Bharti