Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Many commercial catering environments and several other food establishments, by their very nature, generate high volumes of greasy soils, contaminants, and various other disease-spreading infestations that may consist of termites, rodents, moulds, or even cockroaches.
These kitchens, canteens and other food preparation areas must abide by strict legislation governing their hygiene ethics and their conditions. Periodic kitchen maintenance helps preserve a high standard of hygiene and in this manner, a compliance with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.
Unfortunately most of the cleaning done in these commercial environments is performed using inadequate tools and unskilled labour, which may cause the spreading of grease, contaminants, and dirt.
Hammer and Mop provides high quality commercial hygiene through kitchen clean-ups, with food grade solutions that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These solutions are tailored to clean all the kitchen equipment, suit all surfaces, and remove all stubborn stains. In doing so, we prevent your food from becoming contaminated with toxins, bacteria, or other external factors that may prove to be detrimental to the consumers health.
Personalized to the specific requirements of each kitchen, Hammer and Mop provides a deep cleaning solution that will incorporate the entire kitchen, which includes every nook, corner, kitchen utensil, wall, light, ceiling, and equipment.

Relevant Feedback:

“We are very pleased with the work. The acid test was kitchen and bathrooms which my wife had no complaints about. Hence, the job was well done! I am going to call you guys again!”

– Vijay Kumar Goel