Hammer and Mop, I really appreciate your service. I have hired people for packing & shifting but never for cleaning. It was a delightful experience as everyone in the team was willing to work and happy to assist me in moving, shifting and then cleaning things. They were also very informal still professional with each other. Kudos to the team. All the best. Keep up your good work.

Aditi Surana

We were looking for a cleaning company soon after our tenant had vacated the apartment. The condition of the house was extremely bad with several stains on the floor. Hammer and Mop did an extremely good job with the cleaning. The house looked spic and span! They are not a regular cleaning company, the staff is extremely professional which helped us save our time and the level of our involvement. Thank you!

Aittabh Bharti

Courtesy. Punctuality. Reliability. Efficiency. Minimum noise or disturbance. No odours of strong chemicals. Especially appreciated care in cleaning those areas now in need of repainting- I

Ms. Ira Gardner-Smith Bandra West

Awesome service by Hammer and Mop. Diligently cleaned every nook and corner. Just what I needed as I moved into my new place, shiny spotless floor and windows and all the muck and history of cooking cleaned out from the kitchen range. Whatever got left out of the package they just covered that too under complimentary! :)

Namita Chandra

Your team was so polite and they’ve scrubbed areas I’d never thought you’d think of. The flat is sparkling! Cannot thank you guys at Hammer and Mop for such a fantastic job! You’ll be on my speed dial every 6 months now :)

Runa Damji

You guys are simply genius. How I wish there was a similar service like yours in Bengaluru. But I guess being similar to and being Hammer and Mop are completely two different things. Having seen your service, commitment and result at my friend’s place, everything else looks pale to that. Thank you for being there

Amit Mehta

Your people were extremely thorough with their work, even removing channels from drawers and cleaning them. Even the panels to hide the tube lights were removed and all my construction dust vanished. Really appreciate the level of detail. Cheers!

Ms. Mansi Sanghvi Malabar Hill

Hammer & Mop has done a terrific job keeping my 3BHK spic and span. I have 3 small children who find a way to hide toys, dirty the house and wreak havoc in the most unimaginable ways. The team comes in every 2 months to

Mrs. Kavita Mehta Tardeo

Impressive and presentable work force. They covered a large area in a short time. Very happy with the cleanup. Thanks!

Shawn Mendes

Satisfactory?? OMG beyond my expectations! Just no words to describe the service. Yes, very very happy. Wait till I share this experience with my friends. Thank you for excellent service!

Heena Surani

Hammer and Mop always does such a kickass job of coming in and cleaning our place, going into corners where even angels fear to tread.

Rohan Joshi AIB

The service provided by Hammer & Mop has been excellent: they delivered good results, they respected the schedule and they perfectly understood my needs, driving me to the proper service. Definitely I would recommend their service!

Mr. Luca Fusar Imperatore Malabar Hill

“I have a four bedroom apartment which is difficult to maintain in a dust free, sparkling clean manner as we are situated in a windy place plus the house is crammed with paintings etc. Hammer & Mop team are excellent in terms of their thoroughness, their commitment to ensuring that nothing is left undone and their trustworthiness.”

Mrs. Bala Deshpande Senior MD, NEA India

Your people have done a wonderful and excellent job in our premises and we appreciate your hard work and professional attitude. We look forward to your excellent services in the future.

Milan Bhise & Co. Advocates &Solicitors (UK)

The Hammer and Mop team was very friendly and highly efficient. They did a wonderful job when we needed to get our new office cleaned up before we moved in. They went out of their way to ensure that the office was ready to move in at such short notice. We’re surely gonna ring them up the next time we need any cleanup done. Highly recommended!

Kaushik Shah CTO, IDfy

I use Hammer & Mop. These guys will spend 6 hours scrubbing every surface till it sparkles and they

Ms. Malini Agarwal MissMalini herself, Bandra West

Staying true to their name, the Hammer and Mop team really hammered and mopped each and every piece of dust/dirt out of our studio. Highly ambitious guys, they believe in catering to the smallest of details and hence they literally used up 8-10 hours making sure they didn’t leave behind even a speck. Highly recommended!

Ankit Bhatia White Turtle Studios

A very professional team of reliable, soft spoken people did a splendid job of cleaning my entire house. Windows cleaning was excellent. Hammer and Mop did a superb job. To really know what I mean, you have to try them once!

Ria Punjabi

Dear Hammer and Mop, I just want to thank you for a fantastic job your team did. I was very impressed by the quality of their service. They were exceptionally polite and were extremely thorough with the quality of their work.

Steven Sule Malabar Hill

A Hammer and Mop cleanup goes so smoothly, you aren’t bothered with anything when you are in the house. I actually took a long nap in another room amidst this 😛 Brilliant work, guys!

Tamanna Jaisinghani

Hammer & Mop workers were very meticulous, hard working and honest. They worked continuously for 8 hours with their supervisor. We all were so happy. The house was made sparkling clean. I highly recommend their services and wish the team all the best.

Dr. Mugdha Raut Santacruz (Dr. Raut

“Thank you for such a neat and easy experience. Each member of the team seemed to be handpicked and trained for being humble and do their work quietly. The team was very cooperative and did not bother us with any queries and knew what exactly has to be done and how. The end to end process was so smooth and immaculate that we didn

Mr. Anand Bajaj President & Chief Innovation Officer, YES Bank

Your cleaning service was extremely meticulous and complete. I and my husband were extremely happy about the professional approach your team followed. The glass cleaning service was beautifully done, we almost feel there is no glass in the window! So transparent, so clean, really wonderful! Thank you for the time and the service!

Dr. Sangeeta Masur Dadar

We are very pleased with the work. The acid test was kitchen and bathrooms which my wife had no complaints about. Hence, the job was well done! I am going to call you guys again!

Vijay Kumar Goel

Your people were very efficient, polite and helpful and have done a great job of cleaning up the house. We would definitely recommend your company for any clean up job

Adv. Kapadia Walkeshwar

You guys deserve it, hence the lavish praise. Else I am stingy with my compliments, especially related to cleanup jobs! I think Hammer and Mop has got the most important aspect of a startup right

Shradha Shah

“Hammer & Mop cleaning services is a great boon. The apartment leased by the Head of our Mission was handed over just as the carpenters and painters had left leaving fine dust and stains very difficult to clean. The cleaning team quietly and most efficiently cleaned the entire apartment thoroughly, no nook or cranny was ignored – restoring the apartment to all its glory just within a couple of days. We truly appreciate their competence and look forward to using the services again. Thank you.”

Ms. Bagadia Korean Consulate

I have to share what a fabulous job Hammer and Mop did yesterday cleaning up our place. Transformed it from looking like a war field to an actual home. Thanks a million. Will definitely be utilizing your expertise again! :)

Bhavna Chadda

This was my first time at utilizing Hammer & Mop’s Services and I was impressed at how quickly they got to work and how thorough they were. The team is sincere, prompt and efficient. I am extremely satisfied with their level of professionalism. In my experience, Hammer and Mop is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations. Being a Realtor & MumbaiProperties expertise at Expat Relocations, we are very finicky about the quality of deep cleaning to be done for our Client’s Home. So when it was the turn of my home to be cleaned, I wanted the Best of the Best and I am happy to say that Hammer & Mop delivered on this. They ensure that the highest standards of cleaning are consistently achieved and are available to address issues and concerns and offer considerable assistance and coordination. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional, worry free answer to all your home / office cleaning needs. MumbaiProperties is happy to associate with them for our client’s apartments / office Cleanups and we look forward to a long term alliance with them. Wishing you all the best, folks. Keep rocking & helping make this world a cleaner & healthy place to live in.

Ramprasad Padhi Founder & CEO - MumbaiProperties

“Outstanding work. Beyond all my expectations and will definitely use your services again. Many thanks to your hard working team.”

Ms. Naina Bachchan Vice President, Barclays

If you suffer from an OCD of cleanliness (like I do), Hammer & Mop is your dream come true. I am obsessed with everything being clean and in order and they exceeded my expectations. I left a dusty, dirty house which had been full of carpenters and painters for a month and came back to a sparkly clean home! I cant begin to thank Hammer & Mop for making my new home super clean. Will definitely start an annual package with them! I

Ms. Aanchal Malhi Colaba

Dear Hammer & Mop, the cleaning service provided by your 3 team members was excellent. They were extremely thorough and meticulous. They also came prepared and did not need any oversight from me. My home is noticeably clean, even my husband and guests noticed this! Thank you again.

Mrs. Bhatt Lower Parel

When one suffers from borderline OCD and you get an army to clean your house for an entire day, it’s like attaining instant Nirvana. That’s exactly what the team at Hammer and Mop did for me. They spent hours deep cleaning and scrubbing our home last week. they were extremely thorough with their work and what I really appreciated was their level of detailing. Thank you for a squeaky clean experience.

Ruchita Dar Shah

I used Hammer and Mop upon moving into a new flat. The team was great! From scheduling and asking about my specific needs, to the coordination of the team to work on several areas simultaneously, to the final sparkling clean flat, Hammer and Mop was attentive, courteous, hardworking and thorough!

Laurette Cucuzza

Thank you, Hammer and Mop. I believe everything went like clockwork. I am abroad and only get back next weekend but your people pleased my biggest task master

Nonita KaIra

Hammer & Mop did a fantastic and a very professional job of cleaning every nook and cranny of my flat, including the ceilings, the windows, the cupboards inside and out. I had expected upheaval and noise in my flat but the team worked very quietly and professionally room by room. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations. I will be using them again, for sure. Thank you, Hammer & Mop!

Ms. Maya Dani Breach Candy

Cleaning, service, attention to detail was amazing. Thank you.

Mr. Sid Shah President & CEO, The Wild East Group

We wanted to place on record our sincere appreciation for the wonderful work done at our residence. We were extremely impressed with Hammer & Mop

Priti & Ajay Rao Bandra West

Fantastic. Very happy with the work.

Ms. Tolia Malabar Hill (Director, SD Fine-Chem Ltd.)

Thank you! Very happy with the work. Would be glad to recommend to others as well.

Mrs. Aishwarya Sriram Ghatkopar

A wonderful job done. The team was great and really put in a lot of effort. They actually cleaned the house like it

Ms. Fernandes Wadala East

Very prompt response. Great inter-team coordination. The clean up team worked meticulously. Absolutely contented with the Hammer and Mop service!

Vidhi Desai

The team from Hammer and Mop did a fabulous job of deep cleaning my studio. In a little over three hours they transformed a dusty, messy place with cobwebs and dirt into a squeaky clean place that feels so welcoming! The team was punctual, courteous and above all did a great job! Definitely will be my SOS guys!

Ms. Thukaram Churchgate

I have been very happy with Hammer and Mop. They provide exceptional services through their commitment to a unique service offering which has, with time, only grown better. Keep it up!

Rashesh Shah Chairman & CEO Edelweiss Group

Dear Hammer and Mop, very good work done by your team. Extremely courteous and unobtrusive. Treated them to dinner, in fact :)

Hrishikesh Ramani