Terms & Conditions

  1. The additional services coordinated by 3HM are often provided by third party service providers. The services are only scheduled and coordinated by 3HM. The failure of the third party provider to deliver the service on time does not entitle customers to hold payments owed to 3HM for the services delivered by them. However, the customers will not be expected to pay for the additional services that have not been delivered. 3HM will continue coordinating on behalf of the client with the third party service provider.
  2. The scope of work of 3HM team is limited to cleaning your residence/office space. Washing utensils, moving of any heavy items like cartons, beds, cupboards, utensils, etc., interferes with the completion of the work on time. And is not a part of the scope of work assigned. Kindly inform the management before using 3HM team to perform any tasks, other than the ones assigned to them.
  3. The customer is required to remove any/all bedsheets, covers and other objects from mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains that may interfere or hinder the service to be during the done by our teams.
  4. 3HM does not give any express or implied impression that the process will cure any pre-existing allergies. It does help reduce the severity and the frequency of allergy attacks though.
  5. The customer may at any time ask the 3HM team to not perform any/all procedures.
  6. The customer must inform our teams at the time of signing the contract and at the time of service about any damages, defects, stains, holes on the unit to be serviced.
  7. The customer understands that our teams have instructions not to handle customer