Pest Control

Your home is your palace, and protecting it from invaders means having a good line of defence. When you call the Hammer and Mop cavalry to win back your household, they set up procedures that are specific to your needs. Everyone’s home requires servicing every now and then. It’s important to make sure the home looks good as much as possible. You need to be content with where you’re living and make sure it’s a fitting, energetic environment.

Have you ever heard that killing a killer bee will attract the hive and swarm you? Similar consequences are applicable with many pests. Mice can scatter, carrying diseases like the deadly Hantavirus, when their nest is disturbed. Using an exterminator means having a team that knows how to deal with such potential nests and the threats inherent with treating them, and at Hammer and Mop, we can guarantee that.

You can buy hazardous sprays and try to rid yourself of disease-carrying pests, but using a top-tier pest control service ensures full extermination all year-round. Plus, you can rest assured your family will be safe from harmful chemicals. So save yourself some time and money by using a professional, guaranteed service and ridding your home of pesky invaders.

As opposed to contrary belief, beds, like all the other surfaces, have the innate potential to be cleaner and better than they are. As the sheets are laundered and pillows are washed, the mattress is generally ignored, which is why make it a point to rid your bed of every single bed bug by the time we’re done.

We provide reliable pest control sessions through our allies, wherein our services vary from ants and cockroaches to bed bugs, termites and even dog ticks.