Leather Care

Leather essentially takes the highly evolved hide of an animal, and leaves behind a collagen structure that is strong yet pliable, and which can be dyed, painted or imprinted with almost anything.

Hammer and Mop helps provide a Leather Care service through reliable partners that caters to all your leather requirements. This service includes the following:

  1. Cleaning & Moisturizing: Recommended measures of leather cleaning are used in order to eliminate stains and soil, as well as to replenish vital oils, and to bring back colour without damaging the leather. Stains are removed in the safest way possible to preserve the look, the feel, and the delicate balance of oil in the animal hide.
  2. Colouring and Refinishing: Their colour-matching professionals bring back colour and softness that has been lost due to constant use, through the application of refinishing dyes and oils. They also repair non-fast colours and restore colours that wear off during the normal cleaning process. The specialists also focus on changing or improving the texture and the tone of leather.
  3. Repairing and Replacement: The skilled tailoring workforce also helps meet the repair requirements of your leather apparel and accessories, thus making them usable. They carry a distinguished array of hardware, lining fabrics, and leathers (of all possible qualities and colours) on stock. Their skilled craftsmen use threads of superior quality to provide excellent stitch work that completely blends in with your product.
  4. Pickup & Drop Service: Hammer and Mop helps provide a pickup and drop service that is available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi. And above we look forward to helping you keep your exquisite leather in a really good shape.