Intensive Cleaning

The intensive cleaning is what you get when you take the deep cleaning service to the next level. This service can be carried out at systematic intervals for the clean-freaks and those who may be OCD about things. It supports the more general daily clean or can be used on an occasional basis. This is oft used following renovations, redecorations, new build work, or before social events.

Even if you keep your floor in good condition by regularly ensuring viable cleaning and care procedures, it will still develop a thin coating produced by residue from cleaning products and grime. The floor, however, can be restored to its original condition through the process of an intensive clean-up.

Hammer and Mop provides this service to near-perfection levels, which takes account of a thorough and intensive decontamination that focuses on all surfaces, nooks, and crannies. However, unlike the deep clean facility, it will include the inside of all open cabinets that are not personal, walls, false ceilings, parapets, ledges, ducts and loft (only if open, empty & accessible). It is exclusive of all crockery.

“Hammer and Mop did a fantastic and a very professional job of cleaning every nook and cranny of my flat, including the ceilings, the windows, and the cupboards inside and out. I had expected upheaval and noise in my flat but the team worked very quietly and professionally room by room. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations. I will be using them again, for sure. Thank you, Hammer and Mop!”

– Maya Dani