Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is an exceptionally intense cleaning program, predominantly outsourced to cleaning companies. Unlike a regular clean-up job, this is far more efficient. There is a list of various parts of the commercial or residential area that are generally missed during a regular clean-up. Over and above this, a regular clean-up may still allow germs, dust, and other potentially harmful particulates floating around.

At Hammer and Mop, this service would include a professional crew of house cleaning specialist committed to cleaning the house for 8 hours. During this process, areas covered would include the kitchen, all bedrooms, the living room, and all other living areas that an average clean-up would not address. All external surfaces clean would be mirrors, floors, ceilings, windows, all steel, wooden, and glass areas as well. Over and above the sanitation of toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks, we vacuum sofas, chairs and carpets.

We warrant the use of the correct biodegradable chemicals in the kitchen, where we disinfect appliances and organize the dishes and shelves. Throughout the rooms, apart from chandeliers, all electrical appliances and fixtures are thoroughly dusted.

Naturally, the floors and first dry mopped, then wet mopped, and finally disinfected and sanitized. Last but not least, the bathrooms and toilets are meticulously scrubbed, cleaned, and made sanitary.

In short, it is a sincere little clean-up focusing on all external surfaces, nooks and crannies, which will exclude the inside of cabinets, walls, false ceilings, parapets, ledges, ducts and lofts.

Relevant Feedback:

“I used Hammer and Mop upon moving into a new flat. The team was great! From scheduling and asking about my specific needs, to the coordination of the team to work on several areas simultaneously, to the final sparkling clean flat, Hammer and Mop was attentive, courteous, hardworking and thorough!”

– Laurette Cucuzza