Child Proofing

Even if you feel pretty confident that you’ve done a thorough job of childproofing, chances are you’ve missed something, and we all know that the safety of children must be prioritized over all other things. Children can be pretty unpredictable and reckless until they reach the 7th or 8th grade. They’re at a constant risk of a variety of hazardous acts such as putting things in their mouth, touching electrical sockets, and even breaking glass objects. Of course it’s a good thing to be curious, but we can always make a safer way to do that.

At Hammer and Mop, we help provide the service of child proofing, where we make certain changes to the living space, and areas the children often use in order to make it as safe as possible for them. Child proofing may also include creating a cleaner environment for new born babies, such as removal of dirt and dust, and sanitization and deep vacuuming, and of course the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals that won’t be harmful to your child.

“Hammer and Mop has done a terrific job keeping my 3BHK spic and span. I have 3 small children who find a way to hide toys, dirty the house and wreak havoc in the most unimaginable ways. The team comes in every 2 months to re-set my house, clear away dust bunnies and fingerprints on the walls. The team is meticulous, thorough and always willing to help out. I love the way my home feels after they spend 2 days doing their magic. Thanks!”

– Kavita Mehta