Why Venkateswaran Liked His Cleanup

Hammer and Mop shares how the email by Venkateswaran Balan mentions why he liked his cleanup, and we're happy to have customers taking time to write emails!
Pic Courtesy: Ken Hawkins

What often surprises us is the fact that many of our patrons make a clear effort of typing out long emails to express how they felt post the cleanup. Finding time to text/email long replies is something that requires serious intent, and we’re humbled by the fact that our patrons take that time out!

We recently met a senior business person with whom we’re building a strategic alliance to help serve our patrons better. He mentioned ‘cleaning’ as a ‘convenience’, and not something customers would truly value. While it’s technically true, therein lies the opportunity of enhancing the value by offering a better experience to the customers. We’ve been blessed by healthy referrals and inbound queries which proves that our patrons do see us being much more than just another cleaning company.

Venkateswaran was recently a first time customer, and the cleanup was quite hassle free. Frankly, we were not expecting a glowing testimonial from him without requesting one. But he, being a super awesome chap, wrote one in that evening itself! His email excerpts-

“Really happy with the work done by your team. They were really patient and did the work without making any faces. Even when I asked for minor reworks they were more than happy to do it. This is something that I don’t see even with the housemaids whom we give lot of money and incentives over the years. I am extremely taken aback and am still wonder-struck on how can there be such service oriented people.
It has been a truly inspiring experience for me, when I think of the standards of dedication one need to show at his/her work. Awesome.¬†They were truly phenomenal.¬†Thank you once again. You can be rest assured of an advertiser in me!”
We’re honored, and humbled and fortunate to have him as a dear customer! :)

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