When her OCD was very (very) relaxed for once!

Hammer and Mop shares a delightful tale of how a customer teased us with a Beatles reference, and mentioned that she feels her home is in trustworthy hands & mops.

Interactions with our customers often take fun routes. We have had instances where a dear patron didn’t realize she is talking to us, one was kind enough to ask for real estate advice, while one humbled us by stating that she’d be honored (no, no sarcasm) to have us clean her place up!

Recently, a friend recommended us to his friend while warning us about her gentle OCD traits, which only means that she is highly particular about cleanliness standards, and details. We love people who are particular, because we consider them as kindred souls. These are our toughest (yet best) customers since they provide critical feedback and help us learn.

We were supposed to call her at a specific time, and our team member Jude made sure that her phone rings at 11 am sharp. He did what he does best and communicated our offering to her, while understanding her requirements and noting them down. A prompt email was sent mentioning all that was discussed. Her reply had us in all smiles! It started with-

Hey Jude… ooh… that’s like the Beatles song ;-)

This was fun, we actually had a customer talking about one of our favorite bands!
And while she explained the little specifics we had asked for, the emailed ended with-

Looking forward to the service!
My OCD side is very very relaxed for once :))

Dear customers, you have absolutely no idea how much we love this. Discussing work over phone and email is understood; but these little toppings, the little effort you make to write a bit more and a feeling that our work is helping you get more time to do what you like most is priceless.
Thank you for everything, this keeps us going!


  2 comments for “When her OCD was very (very) relaxed for once!

  1. Runa
    January 7, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Hi! This is Ms. OCD :)) What a sweet post this is. Jude’s punctuality and politeness definitely is half the job done for me. I’ve spent hours cleaning up empty houses for family and friends and cannot believe my luck that I now have you to do it for me this time. Cannot wait to get into a squeaky clean apartment next week. Oh yes and am quite a toughie to please, but you guys are doing great. All the luck to you and your young team :))

    • January 7, 2015 at 9:35 am

      Thank you! :) We look forward to the cleanup.

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