What keeps us going?

Written in a lighter vein, this is Hammer and Mop sharing what keeps the core team (Gauri, Nitesh, Jude and Sushrut) going.

Starting up is hardly an easy thing to do, leave alone keeping at it. Through hills and glen, through dark mists and heavy showers, we have persisted and we have been resilient. But to what end? Has it been a success so far? Our patrons are pretty happy but are we? Too many questions? That’s us in a Sunday mood.

We love frames.

Who doesn’t, right? We have cleaned some fantastic art prints and paintings till date, for we have served art curators, enthusiasts and even passionate collectors. We love hanging our own frames at our respective homes too. Other than the pure joy of hanging a squarish thing on our plain walls, the desire to hang up something that’s inspiring is the motivating factor. If a frame can motivate us to keep us going at Hammer and Mop, what could be better?

Individual Perspectives

Well, starting up is a team job, there is no such thing as a one man army. Both, Stalin and Stallone, were supported by individuals who subscribed to their perspectives. Even a private limited company requires a minimum of two Directors. Which means you cooped up with your favorite pet can’t simply start up. Two marbles need to rub together for everything to make sense.

At Hammer and Mop, we have a team of four who currently lead from the front. Individuals (yes we love the word) in their own right, entitled to quirks and decisions, and responsible for everything that goes according to the plan at this company. With nerves made of organic material, they effectively put to use their own formulas to deal with stress in their uneventful lives.

“Problem kya hai?”, Gauri asks.

Keen to get to the root of the cause no matter what, she will pop the question to a hapless cab driver who refuses the ride. And to a hapless supervisor when he can’t reach a certain site at 10:61 am. “Madam 11:01 am nahi chalega kya?” comes a resigned remark but nope, “Problem kya hai?” is the insistent ring again. It is helpful, for hers is the problem solving mold. She won’t take things lying down, she would rather dissect, analyse, debate, glare, argue, glare again then retreat to her nest and figure out a solution on an excel sheet. Helps beat the stress, apparently.

“This too shall pass,” is the simple belief Nitesh swears by.

For those of you who are unaware of recent developments, Nitesh Chandra is our Growth Guy, who insists on not letting certain handpicked opportunities pass him by. There is no meeting he is not a part of, the serene external layer complementing the rebel inside, we are not quite sure of what he means by allowing things to pass. Not a stranger to tackling challenges, he is known to grapple with them exhibiting a fiery attitude that brings him results. He takes on Gandalf, allowing things to pass on by when the old Wizard is clearly not keen to allowing anything to pass! Brave chap, may he find peace.

“The knowledge that I’m probably going to get a chance to raise hell for
the person who put me in hell, gets me going through trying circumstances,”
types Jude with a glint in his eyes.

Perhaps most erm, popular with our patrons, you all know Jude as a master communicator and a schedule boss. Stress is real, he has tasted it like he’s tasted the best cakes in town, and unlike his peace-loving colleagues, Jude takes on it head-on! Like a knight in a fantasy-inspired metal armor, he rides forth with a belief of giving back the exact nature of what he’s gone through. Jude collects memories, karma points, smiles and donuts. He doles out love, cheer, humor and snippets of hell. His eyes burn with glee on every java chip mention, and resemble the glowing embers of Lucifer Himself when stress raises its ungodly mug. Jude is a fighter.

“Slay the Jabberwock!” exclaims Sushrut every now and then.

A lover of tales, Sushrut loves comparing the world of business with Alice’s Wonderland, and Stannis’ fight for the Storm’s End and real life examples boiling down to fine coffee. He is biased, preferring operations to CA meetings, and content creation to bank visits. His Jabberwock┬áis everything that’s out of his comfort zone, and don’t we all have one? While slaying the fictional dragon is key to success, which Sushrut understands and agrees to, there is always a star to shoot at in the meanwhile which he gallops off to.

Success = Hard Work

On a serious note, we’re glad all of us understand what it takes to build a company ground up, now. It’s been a longish journey, full of learning lessons and loud cheers. And we’re geared up for the longer haul ahead.


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