What is window cleaning?

Hammer and Mop explains how window cleaning plays an important role in a home cleaning session, complete with the description and process.

It is quite cool to demand a window cleaning session without knowing what it is, just like it is quite cool to order ‘Langue de boeuf’ without knowing what it means. The concern – you might end up eating a cow’s tongue if you do not know what you are asking for. Demystifying the art of window cleaning for you:

What is window cleaning?

Window cleaning is generally the manual cleaning of architectural glass use for structural, decorative or lighting purposes.

Some of the instruments used in this process

Chamois and scrim

Chamois leather is made from the skin of the chamois animal, which is a species of goat-antelope found in Europe. This material is extremely smooth and absorbent and is ideal for loosening and removing dirt from surfaces. After the use of the Chamois, the scrim or the cheesecloth, which loose woven gauze-like cotton cloth, is used to polish the glass surface.

Water and the window squeegee

In this case, the water is mixed with certain chemicals to enhance its cleaning capabilities and then, with the help of a brush, scrubbed on to the glass. After this, the squeegee or squimjim, which is a smooth rubber blade attached to a handle, is used either to direct the flow of the solution on the glass, or to remove the water solution off the glass. The squeegee is used on all glass surfaces including commercial and even car windows.

Water-fed poles

A water fed pole is a long telescopic pole fitted with a brush and water jets at the upper end, and a pipe generally leading into a water source at the lower end. The water source can be anything from a vehicle with a tank or local taps and other water outlets. The water used, goes through a three stage process of filtration, involving a carbon filter, and two de-ionization filters, or a carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane filter, and a de-ionization filter. The brush on the water-fed pole is used to agitate the dirt on the glass surface while being sprayed with water.

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