What is house cleaning?

Hammer and Mop shares how house cleaning is an art and science, and how we have managed to perfect the practice by listening to our 3000+ patrons.

When we entered the house cleaning business around 5 years back, we had not realized that it is an art and a science. Right from the industrial grade equipment being used to the behavior that is expected out of a team that cleans, it is a practice that can be perfected by listening to our customers!

What is house cleaning?

House Cleaning, as the name suggests, is a thorough and professional cleanup job of your home with every nook and corner repeatedly scrubbed to remove every bit of dirt. Hammer and Mop will send in their professionals to your house at a scheduled time for the cleanup service.

Why do we need our homes cleaned?

Home cleaning is a necessity for every homeowner as a dirty house can breed bacteria and viruses on a microscopic level and rats and cockroaches in terms of pests.

How we clean homes at Hammer and Mop

Bedroom: We first start with a thorough cleanup of all the bedrooms using the inside out cleaning we use in all our mechanisms, we make sure we get all the corners and walls properly as we understand that the place in which you sleep needs to be the cleanest.

Kitchen: The kitchen is next in line to be cleaned as it is the most likely place for possible bacterial growth and the home to various pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rats that are constantly looking for a food source.

Living room: We end with the living room, and although it is the last, we still stick around for that extra scrub and wash the sofas, floors, and ceilings thoroughly and properly.

Finishing Touch: We finish our cleanup with a wet mopping and we make it a point to add a few finishing touches to give your home that extra shine.

We try our hardest not to leave any room for critique by the time our professionals are finished as Hammer and Mop understands the need for a clean home and we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your love and support.

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