We were in the Times of India :)

Blessed by the press :) It was a wonderful Sunday as we found ourselves mentioned in the Sunday Times of India on 20th October, 2013. The feature revolved around pre-Diwali cleanups which are always in high demand here in India. We were mentioned along with two of our acquaintances, Spaceworx (Delhi) and ANZ Dirtbuster (Bangalore).

We’re happy to realize that there is a general shift in the way Indian households perceive outsourcing cleanups. It is easier to trust a third party with your belongings when there is clear communication, seamless delivery and a mutual understanding about the outcome of the cleanup process. While we understand the reservations and the concerns involved, it is our responsibility to minimize the uncertainty that revolves around the entire experience. We hope to strike the right balance, and do the right things.

Thank you for being with us :)

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