We were at the Open House!
June 10, 2013 Conversations

Sushrut presenting at the Open House (clicked by Alok Kejriwal)!

Sushrut (Co-founder & MD) represented us at The Rodinhoods Open House this Saturday. The Rodinhoods is a dynamic community that encourages entrepreneurship across India. Spearheaded by Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal, Asha Chaudhary and Akancha Srivastava, it boasts of 5000+ enthusiastic members, many of them entrepreneurs themselves.

Theme: ‘Celebrating Pain’

Sushrut spoke about the pain points he has experienced in his 18 month startup journey. He discussed the initial challenges faced while motivating our team members, the expectations from our customers and what retention strategies brought about the best results. The Q&A session threw up interesting insights and the feedback received was heart-warming.

Dignity of Labor

This is a topic that often comes up when we discuss our business. At Hammer & Mop, we believe that the value of our work should be aptly communicated to our team on the field. There is respect in the work we do. “Have you ever used a mop, have you ever cleaned a surface on the site?” was one of the questions asked. Sushrut replied in the affirmative, stressing the fact that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, if you’re a cleaner. It is this mindset that divides our society and that indirectly affects the service industry.

Sushrut talking about Dignity of Labor

The Rodinhood Experience

It was a rewarding one. We thank Asha for introducing us to this awesomeness. Listening to Alok and Kanchan (Executive Director, TiE Mumbai) speak is always inspiring. We shared the stage with some brilliant entrepreneurs and passionate budding ones. And the best part is the articles that awesome Rodinhooders write after attending the Open House. We found ourselves mentioned here! :) Thanks Pooja for being super sweet!

And We Got A Tee!

Think. Do. Be Rodinhood!

love and peace

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