We help out Moms!

Priya Fonseca (MyCity4Kids.com) was kind enough to write about how Hammer and Mop (cleaning business for homes & offices across Mumbai) help out all you awesome Moms! :)
Hammer and Mop on MyCity4Kids.com :)

We’re not sure about single ladies yet but we’re very helpful indeed for all the busy moms out there! While you multitask and balance multiple responsibilities, we’re keen to help you with the cleanliness bit.

Ms. Fonseca was sweet to get in touch last week. She had come across our pamphlet at a spa in Bandra West and liked our after-party packages. Check out what she wrote about us on MyCity4Kids.com :)

You can trust us for all cleanups, even if senior citizens or children are around. You can trust us to pick up the keys and drop them back. We ‘heart’ cleaning up!

love and peace

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