We are now a part of Mr. Homecare family :)

Thank you for being with us throughout. Your support and patience has always helped us be better at what we do, and helped us learn from our mistakes. After four years of pioneering the professional home cleaning space, we’re taking the next jump. Hammer and Mop is going to be closely associated with Mr. Homecare (overview attached) henceforth, through a service partnership. The entire Hammer and Mop team is now on board with Mr. Homecare, ensuring that the quality of service delivery is consistent with what was promised.

What does this mean for your annual contract?

  • The cleanups continue as promised on scheduled dates through Mr. Homecare – being a part of a bigger company will ensure your cleanups will be scheduled without hassles. 
  • Quality improves – or at least, remains the same. 
  • Teams being deployed may mostly wear Mr. Homecare uniforms. 
  • A larger team from office would be monitoring your cleanups – accountability would shift from Sushrut and Jude to our respective & super amazing Communications and Operations teams. 
  • For your convenience, we can have the annual contracts time bound – which would ensure that there are no missed cleanups and everything gets scheduled on time. 
  • Two hotlines which are always accessible: 9022070070 & 8080636637 
  • support@hammerandmop.com & customercare@mrhomecare.in will be active & monitored.

Revised Scope of Work

  • Highly competent teams would ensure efficiency – we would send 3 people if we used to send 6 earlier and still get the job done in a much better manner. 
  • Walls will be dry dusted + spot cleaned as a part of the package – for one off cleanups, we’re offering wet wiping + wall washing (if at all) as an add-on service. 
  • We would cease taking your possessions out of the cabinets & shelves – but would love to clean them if the shelves & cabinets are open, empty and accessible. Why? Because we realized that we were spending a lot of time on handling your possessions, not really doing a good job at it (since the things never went in the way they were supposed to) and there was ample risk involved as well.

​We are here for you.

​If you’d like me or Jude to have a word with you regarding the transition – we’re always accessible, and here to help. Thanks again. Hammer and Mop & Mr. Homecare teams are keen to serve you.

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