Usha Ramachandran and her Glowing Feedback

Hammer and Mop shares how wonderful it is to have Usha Ramachandran as a dear customer. Her review states how she liked us, complete with critical feedback.
Pic Courtesy: Magic Madzic

Helping Usha Ramachandran move into her old Mumbai home was a one of a kind experience. She had called us a month in advance, adjusting the cleanup around her travel plans. Her requirements were specific, since the residence was going to be unused and quite filthy. We were supposed to ensure that it is sparkling clean thus ensuring a good night’s sleep for Usha and her dear Mum.

The session was booked a month in advance, and two brief emails were exchanged during the countdown. On the D-day, our troops landed at Normandy err, her home well in advance as she made her way from the airport. And as soon as she reached, the slaughter (of dust bunnies) began.

In most of the instances, we write. On knowing how happy Usha was after the cleanup, we asked for a testimonial over text message. Usha preferred email because she had things to share. In this case, it is best we share her email over here and cut our soliloquy short –

“First of all let me thank each and everyone of you for making life easy on the 29th of May, 2015! When I got my tickets booked as usual to travel to Mumbai, I felt excited because being a Mumbai-ite, I love coming back home! However, the thought of coming back to a house closed for a long period of time was indeed dreadful! Thanks to the “search engines” that led me to Hammer and Mop!

I was not sure what I was getting into when I first spoke to you. I am glad I made this decision as it took away all the stress that I usually travel with. Points I would like to share about the team:

  • Punctual
  • Dedicated and focused
  • Cheerful and willing to help and listen!
  • Used time wisely.
  • Knew their job and stayed on task
  • Friendly and honest
  • Great attitude
  • Fantastic team work and well organized
  • Fantastic clean up!
  • Good leaders

I really hope you guys keep improving and getting better. I will recommend Hammer and Mop to everyone looking for such help!¬†Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

This is one of those cases where we’re left speechless. We are humbled by the fact that Usha took the effort of listing down the points she liked about us. Also, she did have some critical feedback to share which we took in the right spirit, vowing to work on it. We’re blessed to have her as our patron and an evangelist. And all of you too :) Thanks for the love and support!

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