Upholstery + Pets = Asthma + Allergies

Hammer and Mop shares how upholstery and pets need to be cleaned to avoid asthma, allergies and infections this monsoon. Mumbai is dusty, but let's do our best!
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We had never expected our upholstery to be so dirty. When we vacuum it, we’re under the illusion of it being cleaned. Mumbai is quite dusty, much like other Indian cities. Majority of dust inside our homes is full of dead skin cells and particulate pollutants. Regular Vacuuming is not enough.

At Hammer and Mop, being closely involved in the best ways to keep your homes and offices clean, we have had a close association with 3H (experts in duct cleaning and upholstery sanitisation). there have been instances where we helped our customers (who suffered from a serious asthma condition) move in safely into homes. We have also written about factors causing air pollution indoors. Regular Vacuuming simply is not enough.

Is Shampooing effective?

This is not effective either. You are pushing foam into the fabric, settling dust and dirt into the innards. In the rainy season, shampooing also creates an environment which helps the microbes and fungi to grow, instead of die. This increases the risk of infections and allergies. Also, shampooing helps remove surface dust and stains only. What about the massive amount of dust, dust mites and their excreta inside our mattresses, curtains and sofa seats? How do we remove them?

Dry Sanitization helps.

Dry sanitization involves deep vacuuming using HEPA filter which pulls out all dust and particulates. Then, we run a UV light over the surface which kills the dust mites inside the fabric. This is a dry treatment, highly effective and highly recommended for babies, senior citizens and medical patients.

Pic Courtesy: Russ
Pic Courtesy: Russ

Effects of Indoor Pets

Pet animals (cats and dogs) often carry a lot of microbes and bugs in their lovable fur. During the monsoons, the quantity of these infection causing factors goes up. There is a chance of having ticks indoors, and ticks LOVE all the fabric surfaces. It is crucial to sanitize the upholstery to get rid of ticks, and a specialized pest control session for ticks (ask your veterinary doctor for advise on the service provider) goes well with it too.

Home Cleaning has levels.

The first level is cleaning of all hard surfaces, cabinets and general vacuuming of corners. This is the easy part, as long as you are focused and pay attention to details. But this is superficial. The second level, a much essential one, involves thorough removal of infection-causing particulates and allergens. This is because we breathe in the air, and that has to be clean!

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