Ultrasonic Way To Get Rid Of Rodents

Are you fed up with the pitter-patter voice of rodents? Rodent control just has become easy. Hammer and Mop shares an ultrasonic way to get rid of them.

Nobody likes the pitter-patter voice of a rodent to be your lullaby every night. Waking up to a rodent poking your finger would not even be the last thing you would ever wish. It becomes a gnawing pain having these creepy creatures accompanying you secretly in your home.

Rodents are obnoxious creatures that can intrude in your home without being welcomed and turn everything into rubbish. For survival, they just require three things – shelter, water, and enough food. And if your home provides all these, it would be a tough task to get rid of these rodents. They gnaw on your wiring, spread disease and multiply quickly, so if you’ve spotted one in your home, act immediately. Here is the ultrasonic way to get rid of them.

What sound can a rodent hear?

Rodents can hear sounds that we cannot.  They can hear ultrasonic frequencies well above the range of human perception. They produce ultrasound, too, and communicate with each other in squeaks, clicks, and whines that are not audible to us. The range of a rodent is around 200 Hz to 80 or 90 kHz.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic pest repellers are quite popular. The manufacturers claim that their devices produce ultrasonic noise so aversive to rodents, also other pests, that it drives the pests away. These devices are appealing to consumers because they are silent to human ears and don’t involve traps or poison. Not just rodent control, ultrasonic devices are also used to chase away bird and insect pests.

How does a repeller work?

A typical ultrasonic rodent repeller, or electronic rodent repeller, is plugged into an electric socket in the area where rodent is are a problem. The electricity generates ultrasonic waves that are beamed out into the area. When a rodent travels into the path of the ultrasonic waves, they feel the waves and leave the area.

But the sound waves can’t travel through walls or furniture, so install them all over the house to use them effectively. This system don’t usually eradicate the problem entirely, so use them in combination with other methods to eliminate the critters. So it is always better to contact a pest control professional if you aren’t able to eliminate the problem yourself. Contact us to know more in detail.


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