Two customer service bloopers, and how Ops saved the day!

Two customer service bloopers, and how Pintu saved the day!

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Things happen and you might not be in control each time. Plus, every mistake you make has the potential be to be converted into a learning lesson that stays with you for life. Customer service bloopers can damage your business big time if not handled right. It takes 10 happy customers to build a good reputation but one unhappy customer can get your business down.

There is a pressing need in the times of social media to tread carefully. Sharing with you two customer service bloopers that we faced in our two years of joyful existence:

Blooper #1 — Mixed up schedule

A dear client booked a cleanup, we forgot to note it down, scheduled it for another date and, gave her date to someone else. We realized what we’d done when she called up asking why our team was so late. Boy, we felt awful!

Steps to set it right:

  • Surrender: We tackled her righteous anger with depths of politeness and complete surrender to her wishes. A company cannot afford to stand by its rules on not delivering the promises it had made. It has to be an unconditional surrender and that’s what we did.
  • Rebuild: Next, we went out of the way to schedule her cleanup when she wanted it, at the time she wanted it. Again, we don’t have a say when we goof up.
  • Pamper: Understand that when your client experiences your service after everything that happened, they may have some strong biases which will hardly work in your favor. Ensure  that the client is pampered and has no room to complain again.

Blooper #2 — Losing your cool

I was personally at fault here (note that I am not blaming our customer, I cannot). At the start of the cleanup, our customer made unreasonable demands and called me up in a fit of anger. Since this rarely happens, I was taken aback and tried to grasp if there was anything we could do about the situation. Since there was no clear solution we could offer, in a slightly contemptuous tone, I offered to have my team removed from the site. That made the customer angrier and he reprimanded for running away from the situation. That brought me to my senses and I had a quick word with my manager, Pintu, on field.

And he taught me a lesson I’ll never forget.

  • Keep it cool: Pintu, already aware of the situation, asked me to not worry and willingly went ahead to face it head on. He calmed the customer down, heard everything the customer had to say and proceeded with the task at hand.
  • Diplomacy: Pintu tactfully made systematic changes to the cleanup process so as to satisfy the customer, but in a way that did not affect the service quality. He created a win-win situation by understanding the priorities of both the parties involved.
  • Play buffer: Pintu played a strong buffer between the hassled customer and our team on field, thus not letting the sensitive situation affect the quality of work. Also, he stood between me and the customer, and played it right by being there in person (I was making matters worse on the phone). While we did manage to satisfy the customer in the end, it proved to be a major learning lesson for me.

love and peace

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