Training Your Domestic & Housekeeping Staff

Hammer and Mop is excited to venture into training & consulting, thus empowering domestic & housekeeping staff to offer better service and improved cleanups.
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Hammer and Mop provides premium cleaning and professional upkeep services to homes and offices across Mumbai. We have built a solid reputation of good customer service and consistent quality. Since many of our patrons are HNIs and expatriates, we understand what it takes to deliver a good cleaning service. A few testimonials.

Incorporated in 2011, it has been an amazing ride throughout. We remember how we learnt from scratch how to make premises sparkling clean, and graduated to learning to how to keep the service consistent. It helped being focused on people – for it was only through the listening skills that helped us work closely with our patrons to deliver better cleanups. We do hope that our training methods and insights into the sector would help the housekeeping teams at your residence deliver better cleaning sessions too! This would also limit your exposure to outside cleaning teams, and save expenses.

Hammer and Mop is excited to venture into training & consulting, thus empowering domestic & housekeeping staff to offer better service and improved cleanups.

Empowering your domestic staff.

Many of our patrons have their dedicated teams, they have been an integral part of the household for years. While cleaning companies do complement them by offering deep cleaning services, it helps when your domestic staff is empowered to tackle cleaning jobs on their own. Helping them get the required confidence, technical know-how and expertise keeps your staff happier and your home in a better shape.

How does the training work?

Cleaning is a logical process. It takes the right communication style, proper motivation, instructions in soft skills and understanding of the nature of surfaces. It helps if the trainee knows how to behave in certain situations, and how to react to certain confrontations. you would not want a mute spectator or a fearful lad in case something goes wrong. It helps to have them beefed up.

Training Components

  • Equipment & Cleaning Solutions know-how
  • Cleaning Techniques and Schedules
  • Grooming, soft skills & importance of professionalism
  • Handling sensitive incidents

The program would take place over a fixed duration – from 6 hours to 3 months – changes and suggestions to the schedule would be implemented to suit your requirements, and on taking your feedback into consideration. Each training session would be conducted by an experienced home cleaning professional, who has been living the Hammer and Mop philosophy.

Ensuring better cleanups for you!

Our focus would be on ensuring that the highly logical act of home cleaning is absorbed by the housekeeping attendants, and is seen as a respectful job. On making them feel good about the work they do, and arming them with the right tools – we’re confident of them being able to deliver better service. Hammer and Mop might suggest purchase of a new range of cleaning solutions, machines and equipment – maintenance of which is the responsibility of the housekeeping attendants. Maintenance habits would be tracked during followup training sessions.

We are excited!

From residential properties with their own housekeeping teams to organizations looking to uplift the customer servicing aspect – we are geared to ensure better cleanups happen. Looking forward to share stories :)

  2 comments for “Training Your Domestic & Housekeeping Staff

  1. Vinish
    July 14, 2016 at 6:31 am

    Hi, I would like to know if you conduct housekeeping training workshops at other sites. If true, I’ll be grateful if you could provide me with the rates charged. Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

    • August 18, 2016 at 5:36 am

      Vinish – thanks for writing in! We’d be happy to conduct housekeeping training workshops. Mailing you basic details right away.

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