Tips For Making Sure Your Restaurant Is Always Clean

Are you looking to open a new restaurant service this year? If so, you’re probably busy making your business plan and seeking investment. However, hygiene is often the most important element to your success. If people get food poisoning every time they visit your establishment, you will soon gain a bad reputation. That can lead to government inspections, fines and the closure of your restaurant. Nobody wants that to happen, which is why we’ve released this article today. The cleaning tips mentioned on this page are guaranteed to point you in the right direction. Even so, you might have to develop a more thorough process depending on the types of food you provide. Just use some common sense, and perform a lot of research if you want to avoid issues.

Tips For Making Sure Your Restaurant Is Always Clean

Clean the cooker hood every week

All professional kitchen staff should know that cooker hoods can become filthy fast. That is why it’s vital that you implement a weekly cleaning routine. You’ll need to use specialist products designed for the job, and so it’s wise to contact a commercial cleaning specialist. If you keep on top of the situation, it should only take around ten minutes each week. However, people who let the grease and grime build up might have to spend hours on the task. The last thing you need is for someone to perform an inspection when the cooker hood is dirty. That will cause marks against your company, and it could lead to serious consequences.

Wash and swap your linen every day

Linen and tablecloths will become dirty most days. At least one of your clients is going to spill something on the material. When that happens, you need to swap the linen before the next customer arrives. However, sometimes you will avoid issues like that and keep the same tablecloths for the entire day. Even so, it’s vital that you use a hot wash before you open the following morning. Always keep an ample supply in stock in case you can’t clean the products straight away. Thankfully, anyone can purchase quality linen tablecloths at trade prices if they shop around. So, you shouldn’t break the bank getting those essential items. Just shop around to ensure you don’t pay over the odds, and check that all products are machine washable.

Tips For Making Sure Your Restaurant Is Always Clean

Wipe your fridges at the end of the shift

Fridges and freezers can become messy during a day in the kitchen. They are also prone to spillages and other issues. So, you must make sure your kitchen staff wipe and sanitise the devices at the end of every day. Start be removing all food products from the fridges and placing them on a clean surface. It then becomes much easier to reach all those nooks and crannies. Clean and defrost the shelves where necessary using a damp cloth and multi-purpose cleaner. Just make sure you ask your supplier for solutions that won’t contaminate your food. Some cleaning products are not suitable for use near ingredients, and so you need to be careful. Otherwise, your diners might start to complain about the taste of bleach in their meals.

Tips For Making Sure Your Restaurant Is Always Clean

Ensure all staff clean their uniforms

Staff uniforms can harbour many different kinds of harmful bacteria. They might have brushed against some uncooked chicken yesterday that could contaminate other foods. Perform a check at the start of every shift to make sure your staff are wearing clean clothing. If they’re not, remind them of their responsibilities and provide something new. In most instances, team members will have enough time between shifts to wash their uniforms at home. However, there’s no harm in letting them know they can use the company washing machine if they’re stuck. Also, make sure all employees have at least two uniforms to make their lives easier.

De-grease your fryers and grills

Anyone who works in a professional kitchen will know how greasy fryers and grills can become. It’s sensible to clean them every day, but it’s not crucial. If your chefs de-grease the items once each week after cleaning the cooker hood, they should be okay. At the end of the day, they’ll have to empty the fryer of oil to perform the job. You can’t afford to do that at the end of every shift because cooking oil is expensive. Also, you get the best flavours after it has been used a few times. So, the quality of your food would suffer if you cleaned those items too often. The final decisions are down to you, but one clean every seven days should be enough.

Mop and sweep your stock rooms

Stock rooms are often overlooked because they’re not usually attached to the kitchen. That is because you often want to store items in there that need a constant temperature. Vegetables kept too close to the heat of your ovens will wilt and become unusable. However, forgetting to clean your stock room is one of the worst kitchen faux pas. Remove everything from the area and give it a deep clean using a mop and bucket. You should then look for any cracked lid or worn out containers that need replacing. Once the floor is dry, you can give it one last sweep before restoring the items to their former positions. With a bit of luck, that should help you to spot any bug infestations or anything that could cause problems.

As you can see from those tips, cleaning your restaurant kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. However, it’s something you need to take seriously in your new business. Failure to take this advice on board could mean your company never manages to succeed. You could provide the best food in the world, but customers will look elsewhere if you gain a reputation for poor hygiene. Some people have more delicate digestive systems than others, and so you’re sure to make someone ill if you haven’t paid attention. In most instances, that person will then report you to the authorities, and that could spell the end of your ambitions.

Good luck with your new business!

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