The Sweet Email from Ms. Gardner-Smith

Hammer and Mop shares how certain delightful patrons write in with much love and warmth.
Photo Credit: Dmitry Kolesnikov

Oh the joy of childhood, and the games we used to play. The fun of being able to guess whose warm hands those are, and turning around to see the beloved grin of a dear one. Our patrons offer us this happiness with pleasant surprises – in form of smiles, testimonials and sweet emails.

Ms. Gardner-Smith has been one of our earliest patrons and an evangelist. There have been times her critical feedback indicated that we need to pull up our socks, and her compliments on doing a good job have brought a cheer to our camps. This recent exchange on email after her latest cleanup was something that HAD to be shared :)

She wrote in-

“The clean-up, completed on Saturday, was without a hitch. The sparkling mirror of our dressing table caught my eye. It is our mother’s dressing table, with its old-fashioned curvy legs and quaint brass drawer handles. It brought back memories of times long past, a slower pace of life, the happiness of childhood in a close-knit family. Best wishes to all at Hammer and Mop. Prosper and flourish, always with your smiles and laughter!”

With a smile and wee warmth inside our tummies, we replied-

“Your sweet, nostalgic mail reminded us of what it truly means to be of service, the joy of cleaning and bringing objects back to their former glory. That we inadvertently managed to remind you a precious memory, has put a smile on all our faces :)┬áTill next time then. We look forward to being of service, and your good wishes have always pushed us in the right direction.┬áThank you for always being patient and kind.”
And we’ll be off humming a Louis Armstrong song now :) Thank you for the love and support.

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