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Hammer and Mop shares an amazing customer story, and how a home & office cleaning company is walking the talk by keeping their space clean :)
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We recently had a call from Ajay who is moving into the city. Though the cleaning problem was taken care of, he was keen to have his upholstery (fabric sofa seats and mattresses) sanitized & disinfected. We happily agreed to schedule his session – where we use a high powered vacuum machine armed with a HEPA filter to vacuum out all the dust, and then run a UV light over the fabric to kill the dust mites. This service is recommended if toddlers, asthma patients and senior citizens are around. And even if they are not.

He mentioned that his friend from Bandra had strongly recommended us stating that she “only uses Hammer and Mop, and we are the best in business.” While we humbly agree that we are, it did make us pink at the ears! Being a cleaning company does come with a lot of responsibility in our actions. Though our work at offices and homes might be exceptional, it needs to translate into positive transformation of our daily lives, our habits and work culture. What is an office but a workshop of consistent deliveries?

Walking the Talk

We might move into a new office very soon, after spending a defining period of our life at a dynamic co working space Bombay Connect. Handling a space of your own comes with its cocktail of additional costs and risks – and all of them revolve around the work culture that your company propagates. When you stand for the service culture, it needs to reflect in your daily life and at your office when colleagues interact. Service culture cannot be faked, and needs to be believed in, and practiced.

When Sushrut shuffled back to work after checking out one of the spaces he’d narrowed down on, we went into a huddle to discuss costs & convenience. He mentioned ‘hiring an office boy’ as one of the key costs. And (much to his delight) this suggestion was promptly shot down by Jude, who handles our communications:

“We are a cleaning company, and we should take the responsibility of taking our work space clean on a daily basis. Why can’t we keep our cubicles clean? Why can’t we serve water to our guests ourselves? Isn’t humility and dignity of labor something we truly believe in? Isn’t cleaning an exercise and a mind cleansing technique more than anything else?”

Sushrut had a glowing smile on his face, and so did all of us. It was something we truly agreed on, and it was overwhelming to experience the entire team agreeing on something that is so core to our philosophy, the reason why we exist. It was one of those moments where we saw ourselves (the cushy office team) walk the talk, living what this cleaning company stands for! :) Felt darn awesome.

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