The Signs That Mean Your Furnace Desperately Needs Repairing!

It is the time of year where your boiler makes all the difference. A good boiler makes a difference between being warm and comfortable over Christmas or freezing cold. Of course, no one wants to spend the festive period with ice dripping from their faces, so it is time to take a look at your boiler and check its condition. For the most part, it is hard to tell whether a boiler is running smoothly or whether it is about to break down and cost you a fortune. However, there are signs that give away its position – all you have to do is spot them before it is too late. Here are examples of the signs that mean your boiler needs urgent attention.

It Doesn’t Sound Right

Does your boiler sound like it is going to take off into flight? Unfortunately, that is not a good sign because it means an element of the boiler is failing. The usual reason is that a piece on the inside has come loose and is rattling against the plastic. Alternatively, the piece that has come loose could be making the sound because it is not working efficiently. Whatever the problem, the noise should convince you that your boiler needs fixing. At the very least, it needs an expert to take a look to make sure everything it okay. Furnaces are not silent by any stretch, but they also don’t sound like they are possessed, either!

Turning Up The Heat Doesn’t Work

If you feel the house is cold, you will automatically turn up the thermostat. It makes sense because the more heat the boiler gives out, the hotter the room. But, if the room is not getting any hotter, it means that the boiler is not responding. There could be a lot of reasons the temperature is not increasing, all of which are bad signs. For example, the pilot light may be faulty, the leaking ducts may not be working properly, or there could be an issue with the thermostat. To fix the problem, call the heating and cooling services at Academy Air All. Why? Because all of the latter is big problems that need fixing straight away as they could cause future damage.

High Energy Bills

Energy is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, today’s energy bills are soaring and only getting more expensive. However, you can tell when your bills are higher than normal, even if they are not cheap in the first place. The bill is a great place to check whether your boiler is in good shape as the amount you pay is a good indicator that something is wrong. If the bills start to rise, it means your boiler is inefficient. Inefficiency leads it to burn more energy to keep up with your demands, which in turns wastes more money. As soon as the bills start to rise, call the energy company to make sure that the prices have not increased. If they haven’t, the furnace is to blame.

Pilot Light Is Not Blue

When the boiler is on, the flame should burn a blue color, the type of blue color that you see when you ignite Bunsen burner. The blue in the flame is an indication that the elements are all working together nicely. A yellow light, on the other hand, is an indication that the boiler is using more energy than it should as it is using too much gas. A blue flame uses oxygen and a tiny amount of gas to burn, compared to its yellow counterpart. The more gas you are using, the more money and energy you are wasting.

But, it is also dangerous because burning too much gas can lead to the production of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a poison that can damage your health if there are lots of it in the air. For safety reasons, get your boiler seen to as soon as possible if you see a yellow flame.

Flashing Lights On The Main Board

Manufacturers know that problems can occur, which is why they build in signs to show you that there is a problem. For example, if a light is flashing red on the main board, the boiler is not working properly. Take a look at your boiler and try and spot any lights that may be attempting to warn you that there is an issue. If you don’t see one, and you cannot see or hear any of the above, you should be fine.


It Won’t Turn On

Boilers that won’t turn on, or that turn on sporadically, are faulty. A good boiler should work efficiently for a good length of time before it needs a break. One that won’t even turn on obviously has a problem that needs repairing. Boilers that turn on and off are a bigger issue, however. If it doesn’t turn on, it might just need resetting and everything will be fine. But, if it turns on and off, something inside the furnace is struggling to keep up with the demands and do its job. It could be anything from faulty wiring to a faulty pilot light.

It Was Repaired In The Last Year Or Two

One or two repairs are nothing to worry about because that is an occupational hazard of owning an industrial item. Several repairs in a short length of time are a problem because it means the repairs are chronic. There is not one industrial item that needs dozens of time in a month because they are made to last. Forget about repairing – if these problems persist, it is time to buy a new boiler.

It Is Old

No one wants to be ageist, but the older a boiler, the more likely it is to breakdown. Again, that is an occupational hazard of getting old, and it is a fact of life that is impossible to change. How old is your boiler? If the answer is more than four or five years old, it might need urgent attention. Or, it might need replacing, period.

When you see the signs, you need to take urgent action.


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