The best of both house cleaning worlds

Hammer and Mop shares how the home services market in India has evolved, and how it offers remarkable house cleaning services with Mr. Homecare across Mumbai.
We get along together as much as chocolate chip cookies and milk! :) Pic courtesy: cookiegirl565

As a house cleaning company in Mumbai, we recently completed 8 months to us being Mr. Homecare. It’s been quite an exciting experience, especially now that we also competently tackle sofa cleaning, painting, pest control, car cleaning and AC servicing – across Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon.

It has been our first summer with the SILA family and now the first rains that we share with our new team mates. We still get calls from our old patrons, and we explain them how there’s been a major update on our part and how the teams are not structured, how the cleaning sessions have undergone a slight change in the scope of work. We miss the old days, we love the new ones, and everything happens for the better :)

A merging of customer service philosophy

At Hammer and Mop, our priorities were quite clear. Though it did not make much business sense at times, we did keep our customers’ preferences right at the top, and ensured complete satisfaction. Right from Raheja Vivarea to the dreamy lanes of Bandra and Chembur – our patrons spoke to us in great detail on what they expected the house cleaning session to achieve. We listened and we obeyed. It gave us great joy to serve, to clean your kitchen, the bathrooms, the sofa and the floor, and to behold your bright smile.

At Mr. Homecare, our business logic is pretty clear. We understand how to price things right – so the rates are quite competitive. We understand how machines can be used effectively, and how to be efficient while cleaning homes. This is evident as we have vans running around Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Delhi – and some really amazing machines ensuring that your floors are sparkling clean.

Hammer and Mop shares how the home services market in India has evolved, and how it offers remarkable house cleaning services with Mr. Homecare across Mumbai.

The marriage of both strengths has been encouraging – and our patrons are experiencing the best of both worlds. Also, we have ended up being a dominant player across the major Indian markets, by being the largest home services provider in the country. By owning the service teams, we ensure end to end quality supply and customer delight.

Splitting Deep Cleaning and Intensive Deep Cleaning

A major learning lesson has been clarity on the scope of house cleaning work, and how to price it right. Hammer and Mop used to offer only Intensive Cleaning, which involved all corners, crevices and surfaces plus inside of lofts and cabinets. We used to take everything out and out it back in again. We have always received love for that from amazing patrons like Aanchal Malhi and this one :)

Mr. Homecare has been taking an economical route from the start – focusing on exterior surfaces only and doing them really well. At this end of the spectrum, we cleaned only the empty lofts and empty cabinets from the inside, or as long as they were emptied by the customer.

Now we offer both the services under one roof and that has led to an encouraging response amongst customers. Right from a basic four hour cleaning session of a home, to a detailed moving in / pre natal cleaning session – we are capable of making your home sparkling clean again.

Looking forward to more

This is just the start. Home Services sector is still in its nascent stage across India – with major traction visible only in the cities we are present in – Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon. Since we have been the first player in the sector, we have dug our heels deep and growing steadily. Our patrons would only be more delighted in the months to come. Thank you for your love and support.

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