The Areas Of Your Home You Most Need To Care For

Keeping your house clean and tidy keeps you and your family safe from harmful bacteria and germs. Of course, there are some areas of your home that may harbor more nasties than you thought. When you are cleaning up, think about where moisture might be. It is often in damp places that mold and mildew can grow. Inhaling spores can not only aggravate asthma conditions but can be hazardous for babies and children.

The bathroom is the place in your home where moisture is always present. The sanitaryware is always wet. It’s important to regularly bleach the toilet thoroughly. You can also use a dosing cleaner that hangs in the bowl. It is activated each time you flush to reduce a pleasant odor and a little cleaner. Without something like this, the water may leave a residue mark.

Your sink can be full of harmful germs. We all wash our hands, faces and teeth here. Spit can cover even the taps and sides without you being able to see it. Wipe your sink and taps daily with antibacterial cleansers. Just remember, you lay your toothbrush on here! The tiles should be cleaned too. Regrout every few years, and replace any damaged seals. The last thing you want is damp getting into the walls where you can’t reach to clean.

The bathtub can also harbor some germs. One of the worst things to find around the tub is a pink scum. This can be inhaled and be very dangerous for those with a weakened immune system. A bleach-based cleaner will kill it. Plug holes should be kept free from debris too. Clogged up waste pipes and plumbing smells awful because of all the bacteria that exists in there.

pic courtesy: Chad Miller
pic courtesy: Chad Miller

If you have a home sauna, the steam created is one of the best cleansers you can find. However, read the manufacturer’s care guide for keeping door seals and benches hygienic. Fibers and fluff can accumulate inside too. These need to be vacuumed out. If you read some sauna reviews, you’ll find that some provide additional hygiene benefits. If yours is due for an upgrade, then consider one of those models.

The kitchen requires several different cleaning methods or approaches. One needs to eliminate all food bacteria. Bleach-based products are not appropriate here. Instead, use a mild antibacterial spray and fresh cloth each time. Alternatively, steam-clean your entire kitchen. Of course, kitchens can become very damp from steam and cooking. It is best to keep your extractor fan on whenever you are preparing a hot meal.

Many extractor fans have washable filters. Your manual will tell you how often to clean or replace this. It is essential to your health that you follow those instructions carefully. Be sure to keep the plate it sits in clean too. Wipe it down after every meal. Finally, sanitize your fridge to keep odors and bacteria at bay. You can buy dedicated products for this job.

Keeping your home hygienic and free from mold is essential to your health. We can help you find the right products and training to ensure your home is healthy all year round. Stay safe! :)

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