Thanking the Young Mr. Homecare Team on World Youth Skills Day

It isn’t seldom that we hear people complain of a generation that is ‘spoilt’. That the youth of today have no interest in earning their stripes. We hear these things so frequently that in our minds, we may just accept them as facts. However, with the Mr. Homecare team, our experience has pointed out the polar opposite. While none of our team members are ‘Generation 7’ per se, our workforce, the frontline team as well as the office staff, are fairly young, a good indicator of this is that the average age of the team is 27 years.

The Advantage of a Young Team

The youngest of our front liners is Mr Sameer Shinde. At 18 years of age, he is one of the most disciplined members of the Mr. Homecare team, going through the rigorous training and completing his shifts like a well seasoned professional. The skill-set developed by Sameer and his colleagues is one that is associated with long years of experience. The youthful enthusiasm of our young members shines through in the festive period, when the Mr. Homecare team services orders twice or thrice the magnitude of what they do over the rest of the year.

The young members of our team work tirelessly through their days to ensure that we do not fall short. The youthfulness of these young men and women rubs off onto some of the veterans in the Mr. Homecare team as well, and the aura of efficiency along with the hustle and bustle of the festive season make for an electrifying atmosphere.

These traits aren’t limited to the frontline team. Back here in the office, lead by two young directors, Mr. Homecare’s team performs like a racehorse running on an infinite supply of energy, constantly pressing on, trying to get better and go farther every day. In this matter, there is no individual in the Mr. Homecare team that cannot be considered Young and we are grateful for every one of our members on the team, without whom we would not be capable of providing all the services (Office & Home Cleaning, AC Servicing, Car Care, Painting & Waterproofing, and Pest Control) that we do across all the cities that we are present in.(Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore)

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