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The Spirit Workshop

We recently had a call from Ajay who is moving into the city. Though the cleaning problem was taken care of, he was keen to have his upholstery (fabric sofa seats and mattresses) sanitized & disinfected. We happily agreed to schedule his session – where we use a high powered vacuum machine armed with a HEPA filter to vacuum out… Read more →

A Tale of Mutual Respect

Most of our stories focus on our patrons, and the first time customers. These experiences, worthy of being documented, lend to to our insights in this sector. It is not a one person’s job – but a collective pool of experiences drawn from all corners of Hammer and Mop. Right from our field teams to the office folk who hide… Read more →

Cleanest Workspaces [Mumbai]

We‘re very happy to announce a hunt for the cleanest work spaces in Mumbai, along with Ministry of New. That is probably because our dear ally (Ministry of New, of course)┬áloves bringing people together and to make the craziest ideas reality. This recipe of circumstances has resulted in their very existence. Oh yes, we love this innovative and creative studio… Read more →