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Difference between a Vacuum and a Sanitizing Vacuum

As an integral part of Hammer and Mop cleanups, upholstery units (sofa seats, chairs, mattresses) are vacuumed – thus removing the surface dust. Since all areas are being dusted and wiped clean, it is best to not let the upholstery units be.¬†However, during the course of multiple conversations with our patrons, we have realized the slight misunderstanding between the scope… Read more →

Give us an award, someone!

Ah well, sounds too audacious? Despite protests from our ever-humble Ops team (who insist that it’s everyday life for them and that they are not Super Troopers), they often put us (the office owls, the content creators) in a super excited mood. Though we have always heard tales of how good the teams work, seeing the end result with our… Read more →