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Why Venkateswaran Liked His Cleanup

What often surprises us is the fact that many of our patrons make a clear effort of typing out long emails to express how they felt post the cleanup. Finding time to text/email long replies is something that requires serious intent, and we’re humbled by the fact that our patrons take that time out! We recently met a senior business… Read more →

Having Happy Influencers as Patrons

Serving Heena Surani has been one of the best things we’ve done at Raheja Vivarea, one of the best residential complexes Mumbai has to offer. On the day of the cleanup, there was little communication with the patron, since the session was quite smooth. However, serving a demanding client segment is a double edged sword. Their satisfaction cannot be taken… Read more →

Hammer and Mop in Bengaluru?

A few emails from our patrons leave us speechless. We wrote about Awesome Amit yesterday, he had gifted a cleanup to his friend and (to everyone’s utter joy), it had been a delightful experience. Last week, we helped with a few basic tips (yeah, well, modesty is a virtue) for cleaning walls and he wrote in MAKING US FEEL LIKE… Read more →

Colors on Walls

Amit Mehta is an amazing Dad, and he wrote in with an amazing query for our ‘Ask Hammer and Mop’ feature. One of our colleagues is a young parent, and that helps us empathize with the delightful storms which kids are. From waking up in the middle of the night to point at distant cars to suddenly running around in… Read more →

Sparta Cleanup for Lala Kutty

We spoke to Dr. Shibani Kumar aka Lala Kutty (@vantaskigoli) earlier this month because she was keen to get her residence made sparkling clean. The duplex had lots of books and lovable dog hair. We love books and dogs so the date for the session was happily agreed upon. Dear doc was a delight right from the start, she helped… Read more →

To Ajitabh Bharti’s Rescue!

Moving In and Moving Out cleanups are our most popular packages. Landlords often ask us to make the residence sparkling clean once their tenants move out, so the home is sparkling clean for the new ones! We were glad to serve Ajitabh Bharti recently and fly to his rescue. We’re super happy that he liked the service! Quoting him- “We… Read more →

How Khushnuma Taught Us a Valuable Lesson

There are times when our customers teach us valuable lessons with a sharp rap on the knuckles. Khushnuma had got in touch with us a few weeks back for a particular tiny cleanup. The cleanup was against some stubborn stains. We had asked for pictures and had offered a quotation. The hiccup? We couldn’t offer her a single slot, since the… Read more →

The Sweet Email from Ms. Gardner-Smith

Oh the joy of childhood, and the games we used to play. The fun of being able to guess whose warm hands those are, and turning around to see the beloved grin of a dear one. Our patrons offer us this happiness with pleasant surprises – in form of smiles, testimonials and sweet emails. Ms. Gardner-Smith has been one of… Read more →

Happy Cleanups for Rashesh Shah

We used to think that celebrities are super humans. Well, after serving them for close to 3 years we know for sure that they are humans. Super smart, highly intelligent, downright humble – and still, humans; with families and some odd stains in the kitchen and moving homes every now and then, and facing the same niggles all of us… Read more →

Hammer and Mop shares a super blush worthy moment when Shamita Singha asked us what paint would work best for her home.

Helping Shamita Keep Her Walls Clean

“Which paint would help my white walls stay clean?”, asked Shamita Singha. She has been our patron since last year and we were happy she thought we’d know. Well, we did and thus helped her figure out what would work best. Royale works best since it is water-based, and offers a coating which can be quite easily cleaned by soap… Read more →

Mega Cleanup for TeamMissMalini HQ

It has always been a pleasure helping MissMalini move in since 2012. It’s super to see them move into bigger offices too. Our dear patrons and evangelists right from the early days, that they are. We remember the first cleanup, and we were late! She wasn’t too pleased and it was quite understandable. Thankfully, the session was smooth and she was… Read more →

Making ‘White Turtle Studios’ Whiter

We are humans too, and we make mistakes. Professionalism in the service sector is not about being 100% flawless (which is not human, which is unnatural) but accepting your mistakes and fixing them to convenience your patron. Ankit was keen to have his young studio cleaned, and we were happy to help the white turtle be whiter! However, during the… Read more →

The Wagging Tail Cleanup

The business we are in throws up unique experiences every single day. We love our patrons for being human, and are grateful when they give us a call to help them out. Ankush called us on a Sunday, and he was facing a situation. His particularly affable pet dog had hurt its tail but wagged it nonetheless with all the… Read more →