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Getting your home ready for the real estate market!

This is a guest post by one of our best allies on getting your home ready for the real estate market in Mumbai. MumbaiProperties has a well-deserved reputation for exemplary levels of service and results, gained through a commitment to the highest professional standards for the last 10 years. MumbaiProperties is owned by Pinnacle Realty, which has been in the Realty Consulting business… Read more →

How the Indian Property Market is biased towards the Seller

This is a guest post by our dear ally, Black & White Aventura. It provides Property Consulting & Marketing Services for your property requirements. Each project includes sourcing, financial consulting, negotiations, legal due diligence, marketing, fulfilling & execution of a real estate solution tailor made to suit your specifications. In a highly commoditized service offering, we differentiate ourselves by the smoothness of… Read more →

Join our Communications Team!

Requirements Communications Associate: A fresher with impeccable English, love for the language, good conversational skills, an eye for detail and a passion to create content. Profile covers client relations and social media. Photography, writing and graphic design skills will be a cherry on the top. This is what we wrote on YourStory about the profile. This is what we wrote… Read more →

A Summer of Packed Schedules

How does it feel being blown away? We would know, because we’ve been blown away by the awesomeness of cleanup bookings this summer. Currently, we do anywhere between 2-5 cleanups per day and our current schedule shows an advance booking of at least a week! We believe in organic growth with a clear focus on quality of every cleanup we do. As… Read more →

Hiring No More: Head of Operations! :)

As an update, we have found our Stannis Baratheon in Gauri Oak (who actually identifies herself with Arya Stark) and good things are afoot. Winter is coming but we’ll prevail and how! Following is the old post which helped us narrow down on 10+ valiant prospects. Now Hiring: Head of Operations! Yes! We’re looking for a Head of Operations to… Read more →

Saying goodbye to our summer 2014 interns!

It was a grand internship program this year, where we hosted a bunch of five amazing individuals pursuing MBA from NMIMS. We have grown since the last year, the nature of projects changed. The focus had now shifted to stabilizing revenues, understanding the nuances of cash flow, figuring our push strategies, figuring out opportunities of marketing on the digital medium… Read more →

One Year Being Hammer and Mop! :)

I still remember May 16th, 2013 very vividly. Nervous at starting on my first job at Hammer and Mop, I walked into the office with knobby knees and sweaty palms. It’s been exactly a year since, and now my knees and palms are rough and calloused. I’ve never been happier. It’s been one year of meeting amazing clients, interacting with… Read more →

Celebratory Cleanup for our dear Patrons!

Our dear patrons, Ms. Naina Bachchan and Mr. Kunal Kapoor recently got engaged and we promptly sent them a warm congratulatory message wishing them the best of everything. In a short conversation that followed, Ms. Bachchan joked about performing a celebratory cleanup at her place. Our reaction- “Why not?” :D We were excited with the fact that Ms. Bachchan loved… Read more →

Cleanest Workspaces [Mumbai]

We‘re very happy to announce a hunt for the cleanest work spaces in Mumbai, along with Ministry of New. That is probably because our dear ally (Ministry of New, of course) loves bringing people together and to make the craziest ideas reality. This recipe of circumstances has resulted in their very existence. Oh yes, we love this innovative and creative studio… Read more →

We were in ET Wealth last week!

A pan India feature on the last page of ET Wealth had us smiling from ear to ear for an entire week! And then, it was a pretty good week too! We’ll soon be working with yet another of the top 10 Indian architecture firms, we’ll be keeping the residences of an industry leader (who is also amongst one of… Read more →

Academic Affiliations

  We believe that every business and every strategy offers a plethora of options in which to execute. It is up to us to choose the one that might make the most impact in the market. To think in a creative manner is essential, to stick to one’s guns and be convincing- even more. For the path you choose might… Read more →


As we rushed about scheduling cleanups on a busy Monday morning, a delightful birdie informed us that Brown Paper Bag has mentioned us as one of their ‘Party Picks‘! In this amazing post that is essentially the “Black Book” for house parties, they cover the hand picked caterers, bartenders, florists amongst others. What of the after party mess that needs… Read more →