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Flooding and water damage is one of the biggest and most serious problems you can experience with a property. On this post you’ll learn about home water damage.

Dealing With Water Damage In Your Home

Flooding and water damage is one of the biggest and most serious problems you can experience with a property. If you’re renting out a property, it can be a nightmare for tenants and landlords combined. If it’s your home, then you will be looking at some rather expensive repairs. Not to worry though because on this post you’ll learn all… Read more →

Alliance with The Leather Laundry

Hammer and Mop has always had allies on board, offering parallel services to our many patrons. Leather has been a sensitive aspect of the cleaning sessions – it needs an expert hand. As a result, one of our favorite allies has been The Leather Laundry. About the nice folks. The founders of The Leather Laundry have been in the leather industry… Read more →

“Above and beyond,” she said!

We have been helping Kavita Mehta keep her residence sparkling clean since 2012, being one of our first patrons in one of the most premium societies Mumbai has to offer. It has always been a delight, considering her prompt feedback and kind willingness to accept our certain goof-ups. We’re glad she trusted us, and stayed with us throughout, hand holding… Read more →

Choosing between Caregiving and Work?

At Hammer and Mop, we make it a point to stay updated on industry trends and learning from the best. Harvard Business Review is one of our favorite publications, and in this particularly well written piece (No One Should Have to Choose Between Caregiving and Work by Jody Gastfriend), they highlight an important issue which plays a major role in… Read more →

Serving Porus

We take pride in serving our customers, for each is unique and the individuality shines through from the interactions. We clean homes, we make sure your homes stay in perfect order, and that means taking up responsibility of a pretty personal space. It is fascinating how everyone interacts with us without the outer shells, we interact with everyone at a… Read more →

Week Made by Runa :)

We were quite excited (and nervous) to perform a cleaning session for Runa Damji (check out her Mint feature here) as she moved into her new home. An artist and an entrepreneur herself, we knew that she’s particular (delightfully so) and will be a tough customer to please. We had loved her right from the start (our post on our… Read more →

For Awesome Expats in Mumbai!

We understand that expat life is not like anything else in this world. The slow acclimatization, the first lessons as you learn the local dialect, understanding how the city (on this other side of the world) runs is an adventure in itself. We also believe that many of you don’t want to live like an expat, but interact a lot… Read more →