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Hammer and Mop shares how house cleaning is an art and science, and how we have managed to perfect the practice by listening to our 3000+ patrons.

What is house cleaning?

When we entered the house cleaning business around 5 years back, we had not realized that it is an art and a science. Right from the industrial grade equipment being used to the behavior that is expected out of a team that cleans, it is a practice that can be perfected by listening to our customers! What is house cleaning?… Read more →

Tips For Making Sure Your Restaurant Is Always Clean

Are you looking to open a new restaurant service this year? If so, you’re probably busy making your business plan and seeking investment. However, hygiene is often the most important element to your success. If people get food poisoning every time they visit your establishment, you will soon gain a bad reputation. That can lead to government inspections, fines and… Read more →