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Cleanups & Haikus for Satish

Once in a while, we get an opportunity to serve someone quite adept at conversations and words – that ideal patron who appreciates the quick trick of a rhyme and demands prompt service too. We served Satish Suggala (theObservatory.in) last week, and helped make their office sparkling clean. While we did get a warm testimonial (which lives up to their… Read more →

Thank you, Aditi!

Feedback is crucial to a young company’s health, yet quite tender in its disposition. We have had our customers share their frank feedback right from the start. Since home cleaning is a personal errand, where we clean every nook and corner dear to you, understanding how you like the service helps us be better at what we do. We need… Read more →

Hulk mode on?

Other than extremely dusty places which have been locked up for a while, no situations had really brought out the ‘Hulk’ inside us. It came as a pleasant surprise when a dear customer recently asked us to go all out and erm, ‘dispose’ off a certain kitchen appliance.┬áIt seemed like a normal email at first- Cleanup has been confirmed. While… Read more →

Asian Age Covers Doorstep Services

This is the second time we have been blessed by the amazing folks at Asian Age. What we love about these folks is that they don’t just do features for humble startups like us, they do it in style! They pamper us with front page mug shots, thus smothering us with attention. It takes some serious love for the underdogs… Read more →

Usha Ramachandran and her Glowing Feedback

Helping Usha Ramachandran move into her old Mumbai home was a one of a kind experience. She had called us a month in advance, adjusting the cleanup around her travel plans. Her requirements were specific, since the residence was going to be unused and quite filthy. We were supposed to ensure that it is sparkling clean thus ensuring a good… Read more →

Happy Cleanup for Meghna Gulzar

We served Meghna Gulzar recently, when she called for a quick cleanup post a pest control session. The house would have had dead bugs then which we gladly offered to mop up. She did sound highly particular about the level of service required, and we were careful enough. Well, we did hope we were. Her reply had us smiling all… Read more →

Serving Kaizad

Kaizad Todywalla first got in touch with us through our car cleaning friends at Kamyo, veterans of the industry and experts in everything they do. After a site visit, we completed his first cleanup and managed to make him quite happy with the work. However, as he sportingly mentions, that is when we were still engulfed by the dark force.… Read more →

Doing a Caesar for Santoshi Jain

Like a perfect cup of coffee! Santoshi Jain had called us last month and unfortunately, we were packed on the date she required the service. Sushrut understood what options she is considering, and asked her to opt for one of the aggregators for the time being for both – sanitization and home cleaning. “You are not a very good salesman,”… Read more →

Why Venkateswaran Liked His Cleanup

What often surprises us is the fact that many of our patrons make a clear effort of typing out long emails to express how they felt post the cleanup. Finding time to text/email long replies is something that requires serious intent, and we’re humbled by the fact that our patrons take that time out! We recently met a senior business… Read more →

Having Happy Influencers as Patrons

Serving Heena Surani has been one of the best things we’ve done at Raheja Vivarea, one of the best residential complexes Mumbai has to offer. On the day of the cleanup, there was little communication with the patron, since the session was quite smooth. However, serving a demanding client segment is a double edged sword. Their satisfaction cannot be taken… Read more →

Hammer and Mop in Bengaluru?

A few emails from our patrons leave us speechless. We wrote about Awesome Amit yesterday, he had gifted a cleanup to his friend and (to everyone’s utter joy), it had been a delightful experience. Last week, we helped with a few basic tips (yeah, well, modesty is a virtue) for cleaning walls and he wrote in MAKING US FEEL LIKE… Read more →

Colors on Walls

Amit Mehta is an amazing Dad, and he wrote in with an amazing query for our ‘Ask Hammer and Mop’ feature. One of our colleagues is a young parent, and that helps us empathize with the delightful storms which kids are. From waking up in the middle of the night to point at distant cars to suddenly running around in… Read more →

Sparta Cleanup for Lala Kutty

We spoke to Dr. Shibani Kumar aka Lala Kutty (@vantaskigoli) earlier this month because she was keen to get her residence made sparkling clean. The duplex had lots of books and lovable dog hair. We love books and dogs so the date for the session was happily agreed upon. Dear doc was a delight right from the start, she helped… Read more →