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Cleanups for Esther D’Souza

Though coffee is preferable, we admire tea for its subtlety. It doesn’t force its flavor on your taste buds, but simply exists, blending with your thoughts, soothing them if there is allowance. While our team members might relate more to the strong headed espressos, Hammer and Mop in its essence is much like White Tea. And happy customers with their… Read more →

Winning Approval of Biggest Taskmasters

As highlighted before, our encounters with Biggest (yet quite delightful) Taskmasters are not uncommon, and yet are one of a kind. We love Taskmasters because they keep us on our toes. Taskmasters apparently love us because we pay heed to what they have to suggest, treat their methods as high priority, hold our ground in certain cases (as a proof… Read more →

We need you to refer us.

Hammer and Mop is a premium cleaning company, and we started three years back from scratch. By the term ‘scratch’, we mean that we started without knowing anything about the business we were getting into. However, there was a keen desire to learn and do some real good for you (the patrons). We always knew how we would like to… Read more →