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Difference between a Vacuum and a Sanitizing Vacuum

As an integral part of Hammer and Mop cleanups, upholstery units (sofa seats, chairs, mattresses) are vacuumed – thus removing the surface dust. Since all areas are being dusted and wiped clean, it is best to not let the upholstery units be.¬†However, during the course of multiple conversations with our patrons, we have realized the slight misunderstanding between the scope… Read more →

Keeping Your Home Cleaner in a Season of Sniffles

A dear patron recommended we write about keeping our homes cleaner since it is a season of respiratory ailments, so here we go!¬†It is that time of the year again, when seasons change and minor infections come creeping into our homes. Runny noses, coughs and burning eyes are common phenomena and not quite something that’s desirable. While there are a… Read more →

Baby Cleanups = Pre Natal Cleanups

We launched Baby Cleanups around a year back. They are designed to suit young parents and their newborn kiddos as they step (or are carried/cradled) into their first room. Keeping in mind the level of hygiene that needs to be maintained for a newborn to thrive in, we take extra care that the cleanup is just the way you want… Read more →

Brewing a perfect room for your lungs.

When a dear customer got in touch for an urgent cleanup + sanitization session, we experienced a full circle. From having common friends, to being connected to our early investors- we realized that the world kept getting smaller every passing day. Her need for the session was urgent because the room needed to be dust-free, perfect for a medical patient… Read more →

What Causes Air Pollution at Home?

Closed doors and windows might not be the best way to live. Everything you see and touch has the potential to help build the air pollution levels indoors. Ventilation systems (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ceiling fans) are a good place for fungi and dust to field armies and spread throughout the room. Surfaces with stains and dust follow the same path… Read more →