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How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have the potential to be a massive pain, and it is crucial to have a stern pest control session conducted to root them out. Especially in Mumbai and Bangalore, with their humid weather. While they start by infesting mattresses and pillows, bed bugs thrive in wooden crevices, blankets and dusty corners of your bedroom. They creep out at… Read more →

Remote Controlled Cleanups

One of the most common questions we get asked while scheduling cleaning services is whether presence of customers is required on site. Well, after 3+ years on the field and hand picked team of self motivated cleaners – it is perfectly possible to simply outsource the task to us. Our teams are accompanied by supervisors and every session is closely… Read more →

How to Clean Your Remote Control (DIY)

As we recently discussed with Bangalore Mirror, remote control units harbor an insane amount of germs and bacteria. In our daily lives, while we make it a point of keep most surfaces clean everyday, we end up ignoring door knobs, switch boards and remote control units! Cleaning them regularly is a must to avoid a germ buildup (fueled by crumbs,… Read more →

Roaches in the Kitchen!

This is one of those turnaround tales with a learning lesson, and some new information that we gained along the way. It was one of those times when we forgot to get back to a customer who had called for a cleanup, who had to call us again and remind us how important the cleanup was to him. It was… Read more →

For Awesome Expats in Mumbai!

We understand that expat life is not like anything else in this world. The slow acclimatization, the first lessons as you learn the local dialect, understanding how the city (on this other side of the world) runs is an adventure in itself. We also believe that many of you don’t want to live like an expat, but interact a lot… Read more →