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Hulk mode on?

Other than extremely dusty places which have been locked up for a while, no situations had really brought out the ‘Hulk’ inside us. It came as a pleasant surprise when a dear customer recently asked us to go all out and erm, ‘dispose’ off a certain kitchen appliance.┬áIt seemed like a normal email at first- Cleanup has been confirmed. While… Read more →

Hammer and Mop is on Haptik!

Termed as ‘Whatsapp for service providers’, Haptik is here to revolutionize the way customers interact with the service providers they work with. While we have been fortunate to have a steady relationship with our patrons, it made sense to open up a new communication channel. Yep, Hammer and Mop is on Haptik! Sushrut accesses this channel, and we’re available for… Read more →