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Cleanups for Esther D’Souza

Though coffee is preferable, we admire tea for its subtlety. It doesn’t force its flavor on your taste buds, but simply exists, blending with your thoughts, soothing them if there is allowance. While our team members might relate more to the strong headed espressos, Hammer and Mop in its essence is much like White Tea. And happy customers with their… Read more →

Thank you, Aditi!

Feedback is crucial to a young company’s health, yet quite tender in its disposition. We have had our customers share their frank feedback right from the start. Since home cleaning is a personal errand, where we clean every nook and corner dear to you, understanding how you like the service helps us be better at what we do. We need… Read more →

Hulk mode on?

Other than extremely dusty places which have been locked up for a while, no situations had really brought out the ‘Hulk’ inside us. It came as a pleasant surprise when a dear customer recently asked us to go all out and erm, ‘dispose’ off a certain kitchen appliance. It seemed like a normal email at first- Cleanup has been confirmed. While… Read more →

Usha Ramachandran and her Glowing Feedback

Helping Usha Ramachandran move into her old Mumbai home was a one of a kind experience. She had called us a month in advance, adjusting the cleanup around her travel plans. Her requirements were specific, since the residence was going to be unused and quite filthy. We were supposed to ensure that it is sparkling clean thus ensuring a good… Read more →

Sparta Cleanup for Lala Kutty

We spoke to Dr. Shibani Kumar aka Lala Kutty (@vantaskigoli) earlier this month because she was keen to get her residence made sparkling clean. The duplex had lots of books and lovable dog hair. We love books and dogs so the date for the session was happily agreed upon. Dear doc was a delight right from the start, she helped… Read more →

The Sweet Email from Ms. Gardner-Smith

Oh the joy of childhood, and the games we used to play. The fun of being able to guess whose warm hands those are, and turning around to see the beloved grin of a dear one. Our patrons offer us this happiness with pleasant surprises – in form of smiles, testimonials and sweet emails. Ms. Gardner-Smith has been one of… Read more →

Happy Cleanups for Rashesh Shah

We used to think that celebrities are super humans. Well, after serving them for close to 3 years we know for sure that they are humans. Super smart, highly intelligent, downright humble – and still, humans; with families and some odd stains in the kitchen and moving homes every now and then, and facing the same niggles all of us… Read more →

Hammer and Mop shares a super blush worthy moment when Shamita Singha asked us what paint would work best for her home.

Helping Shamita Keep Her Walls Clean

“Which paint would help my white walls stay clean?”, asked Shamita Singha. She has been our patron since last year and we were happy she thought we’d know. Well, we did and thus helped her figure out what would work best. Royale works best since it is water-based, and offers a coating which can be quite easily cleaned by soap… Read more →

Happy Cleanups for Shradha

We have expressed our love for patrons who are particular before. It was a neat scheduling process for Shradha, where she understood what we do, how we do it and trusted us to give our best to this Essential Cleanup. We were concerned since the goof-ups were not affordable. Her washrooms had undergone renovation and there was cement dust all… Read more →

Winning Approval of Biggest Taskmasters

As highlighted before, our encounters with Biggest (yet quite delightful) Taskmasters are not uncommon, and yet are one of a kind. We love Taskmasters because they keep us on our toes. Taskmasters apparently love us because we pay heed to what they have to suggest, treat their methods as high priority, hold our ground in certain cases (as a proof… Read more →

“You guys did a FANTASTIC job!”

Needless to stress, last week was made even more amazing by this single compliment from a dear first-time customer. It was an Essential Cleanup (our flagship offering, a deep cleanup which covers all corners, crevices and surfaces), we shuffled between coordinating with the awesome customer and her housekeeper and did wrap it up with a glowing smile! Was it all… Read more →

Super Sweet!

One of our best clients from way back in early 2012, and a repeat client too! She’d called us to make her little studio sparkling clean. And we have been very happy to keep it that way as and when she wants us to. Last month we realized we had to thank her! And we did :) Thank you for the… Read more →