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Our #TiESmashup Story

We had fun at TiE SmashUp last year. We met some amazing folks who have played a key role in helping us reach where we stand today. We’d be taking names because we’re bold, it’s harmless and we like people. A few memorable incidents- Bumping into Sudarshan Narayan (Co-founder, Hatch) at the event. It was startup love at first sight… Read more →

Joke about a cat? Just kitten.

Buzz Lightyear. ‘Fuzz’ Lightyear. Get it? It’s okay, we’re kitten anyway! :) This week we had an unusually cute visitor. A tiny kitten tuned up at the doorstep and our hearts were too warm to ignore it. It was taken in, pampered, sheltered and loved. We watched on adoringly as it mewed, attempted to scratch, licked and sipped milk from… Read more →

Thank you for the referrals.

Dear Mrs. Mehta, Thank you for the referrals, the homes we’re cleaning, Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing, Who can live without it, we ask in all honesty What would life be? Without a sparkle or a smile, what are we? So we say thank you for the cleanups For giving them to us! :) -Your friends at Hammer and Mop. Photo Courtesy: Sushrut… Read more →

How we’re loved at The Imperial!

This is an interesting story, which started when we were working out of Bombay Connect, a dynamic co-working space located in the heart of Bandra West. We got acquainted with the ever-awesome Biren Mehta, co-founder of Bombay Innovation Group, who had a cleaning requirement for his sister-in-law, who stayed at The Imperial. The cleanup was soon scheduled and completed, and… Read more →

Pin with us!

We joined Pinterest a couple of weeks back and we’re still fiddling around to get a hang of it. We’re attempting to create multiple boards with interesting, captivating content which you’d like to read and re-pin onto your boards. What is Hammer & Mop all about? Well, Hammer & Mop is all about the goodness of life. Luxury, good food,… Read more →

Blooper, but a turnaround!

Of course. No client would be happy if we tell them a few days in advance that we’ll have to reschedule their cleanup appointment. This has happened a few times in December. There was a time when our cleaning team met with a slight accident and we had to cancel a slot. Once our machine faced an issue and the… Read more →

For Clients Outside Mumbai!

We recently cleaned up an unused apartment in Ghatkopar. It was interesting how it happened, considering the owners are currently based in Chennai. The first conversations were on email and telephone. We coordinated a site visit through a local residential broker. Post a site visit, we offered a quotation to dear clients who approved. We booked a date and really looked… Read more →

Mystery of the Disappearing Broom

Last week, we performed an Essential cleanup at Ms. Smith’s place in Pali Hill, Bandra West. She was very happy with the cleanup and mailed in a detailed feedback stating what she liked about everything that we did. Also, one minor negative aspect was highlighted and surprisingly enough- it involved a missing broom! Dear Ms. Smith termed it as the… Read more →

Home Cleaning as a Corporate Perk

The New York Times recently published an article that talked about US companies offering home cleanups as a corporate perk to its employees. Soon, an article in the Sunday edition of the Times of India followed. It echoes the belief that employees can pay much more attention to their work if everything is well sorted on the domestic front. If… Read more →

The day we were on TV!

The episode was telecast on 24th and 25th November, 2012. We’re honored and thankful to CNBC Awaaz for choosing us to be on their popular show- Awaaz Entrepreneur. It was a wonderful experience for the team since their work was showcased on television. We’re thankful to our dear client, Mrs. Mehta, for allowing us to film the short episode at… Read more →

Happy B’day, Hammer & Mop!

Hammer & Mop turned one year young on 22nd November, 2012. It has been a long journey and I’ll be brief. The founding team has learnt numerous through ups and downs. We have had tough experiences with our team of support staff, a couple of bad run-ins with clients, we have ran out of money and still have managed to… Read more →

Gulzar – Baat Pashmine Ki

This being one of our largest co-sponsored events till date, we’re very excited to be associated with Urja Creative Foundation and its great team members to make this landmark event happen. The organizers are working towards making this an audio + visual treat by bringing together multiple art forms on a single platform. For our patrons who might like to… Read more →

Featured in Outlook Business

A kind feature by Outlook Business came as a very heart warming news to the entire team. Who doesn’t love great publicity, when it comes so neatly to your doorsteps? It started with an email in our inbox followed by a telephonic interview on the same day. After multiple followup calls and a fun photo session, we were on Page… Read more →

Delays & Irregularity

 We owe you an explanation for our recent sluggish-ness. A few of our prospective clients would have experienced a sluggish, irregular and absent Hammer & Mop when they tried to reach us via phone or an email this last week. Our response time to a phone call (previously ‘immediate’) is currently 1-4 hours. Also, our response time to an email… Read more →