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Happy Cleanup for Meghna Gulzar

We served Meghna Gulzar recently, when she called for a quick cleanup post a pest control session. The house would have had dead bugs then which we gladly offered to mop up. She did sound highly particular about the level of service required, and we were careful enough. Well, we did hope we were. Her reply had us smiling all… Read more →

In love with Nestopia :)

We met Nestopia a few months back and realized that both of us interact with the same pool of brilliant architects and interior designers! There was obvious synergy and we became buddies in no time. As we work on taking our alliance further, Nestopia was sweet enough to have a feature on us on their popular blog! Thank you for… Read more →

“If you’re finicky, we love you.”

That’s what we said to our wonderful customer who is moving to the heart of Mumbai from London. How did the first conversation go? Well, we were glad we could answer the right questions the right way, while explaining what we did. Considering Mumbai has a lot of dust and humidity (as opposed to London, in this case), we need… Read more →

Turning Over a Cleaner Leaf

We’re very excited to launch our new logo and our new website, which will go live next week. This means that we’re now cooler, older and richer than ever before. It speaks of our constant desire to create and deliver a better cleanup for you, time after time. It represents our enthusiasm, youthfulness, the desire to co-create, to collaborate and… Read more →

OCD? Nah, kindred souls!

It so happens, that once in while we have the pleasure of interacting with some people who are truly passionate and crazy about cleaning. While many of us are quick to label such people as having OCD, we like to think of them as kindred souls. In this fast paced world, you rarely get to meet someone who will be… Read more →

Mumbai Realty Club Event We Co-Sponsored

We had the pleasure of co-sponsoring a workshop by Mumbai Realty Club along with channel partner Travtus Workforce. The event was a success, with many Realtors turning up from South Mumbai, Bandra-Andheri belt and Dadar-Chembur region. The workshop (How To Be A Professional & Respected Real Estate Consultant) focused on improving the existing system and processes, by bringing together Realtors… Read more →

Outlook Money and StartupCentral

We had an interesting & a humbling week with two big features. In Outlook Money (India’s number one personal finance magazine), we were mentioned among the 20 Indian businesses started under the capital of Rs. 10 lakh. In StartupCentral (Connecting Smart Ideas and Smart Money), we were honored to be interviewed by Snigdha Sengupta (Editorial Team) and were featured as… Read more →

We help out Moms!

We’re not sure about single ladies yet but we’re very helpful indeed for all the busy moms out there! While you multitask and balance multiple responsibilities, we’re keen to help you with the cleanliness bit. Ms. Fonseca was sweet to get in touch last week. She had come across our pamphlet at a spa in Bandra West and liked our after-party… Read more →

Blunder and a Turnaround

This is our second Blunder + Turnaround tale. I remember speaking to a prospective client a few months back but we weren’t able to schedule her cleanup for some reason. She was very kind and spoke to one of her friends about us. And Ms. Sidhwani got in touch with us for a cleanup! She wanted us to showcase whether… Read more →

Anecdotes today :)

MissMalini, one of our best clients, thus made our April. And that set us thinking- are we really the best cleanup service in the city? Can we be? What would be the essential criterion for being the best? Client delight, we believe. And we’d love to achieve that level of client delight. So we remembered a few good times when we… Read more →

Clean & Decluttered Homes Sell Faster!

We came across this article today. It states that decluttered homes sell faster. And you’ll need to keep the following points in mind- Make your homes as per buyer’s imagination Make sure you exhibit adequate storage space Be clear about all potential and underlying problems Organize & Declutter And as a cherry on the top, we believe, have a Moving-Out… Read more →

Today, we’re across South Bombay!

For the first time ever, we have undertaken a newspaper insert campaign across the entire South Bombay region. In addition to being a promotional campaign, it is also an academic exercise to gauge the ROI. We look forward to interesting results, valuable insights and are keen to meet some really great prospective clients whom we can serve well. Do ping… Read more →

Summer Makeover for your home :)

Introducing Buddy Blog. We’re having our friends, allies and associates write about things they know best, about things that will help you most! Summer The time we go scuttling for light, cotton clothes, dollops of ice cream and gallons of cool, fizzy drinks. But how many of us actually make the effort to change things around the house to battle the… Read more →