Subscription-based Office & Carpet Cleaning

Hammer and Mop launches office cleaning services with Mr. Homecare across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune. We're excited to launch this professional offering.

When we launched home & carpet cleaning services 4 years back, we did include deep cleaning of commercial spaces as an offering. In the industry, as a norm, you either have deep cleaning or have an old school facility management (housekeeping) service to take care of the property. Deep Cleaning is one time – a professional team arrives, cleans and leaves. In a Facility Management contract – we have stationed teams on the site offering end to end property solutions. Were we missing something?

They Asked For Smaller Cleanups & Carpet Cleaning

Throughout the run-up to the Diwali season and after that, many patrons inquired for smaller cleanups for their offices, and especially the carpet cleaning service, and it’s something we were not equipped to provide, purely because we had not planned it that way. The need was quite interesting:

  • Small, professional teams required on a daily/alternate day basis
  • Scope of work was basic – floor, workstations, pantry, washrooms, carpet cleaning
  • The duration was the key – our patrons were asking for 2 hour cleanups

It was clear what they sought.

Outsourcing professional cleaning and keeping people for everything else. Since we were focused on deep cleaning sessions, developing this offering required taking time out and brainstorming a win-win solution. We realized that within half a decade of introducing professional office cleaning and effective carpet cleaning to the market, patrons were now demanding these services on a daily basis for their workplace. This was revolutionary – broadly an alternative to an informal casual staff currently being hired and to the massive housekeeping contracts being doled out.

Hammer and Mop launches office cleaning services with Mr. Homecare across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune. We're excited to launch this professional offering.
courtesy: Swipp Inc

Office & Carpet Cleaning is mini Housekeeping

We are super happy to launch our Office Cleaning packages, through Mr. Homecare! A team of 2 trained professionals would clean your office within 2 hours, making it sparkling clean again. The process would be hassle free, non intrusive and prompt. Industrial grade and cleaning solutions would be used.

The good things:

  • Packages can be Customized – your preferences based on available options
  • Packages are Flexible – use a 5/day, 6/day or even a 7/day week package
  • Packages can be Designed – you can even have bi-weekly cleaning sessions
  • Carpet Cleaning can happen on Weekends

What does the cleaning include?

The short 2 hour cleaning involves a small team of 2-4 janitors (depending on your office size) and the scope work can be customized as per your preferences, based on the available options.

  • Floor – thorough dry & wet mopping to ensure no dirty footprints & spills
  • Carpet – thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed
  • Workstations – clean desks promising a fresh work day to your team members
  • Cabins – right from the floor, to the desks and the corners checked for cobwebs
  • Pantry – cleaning the platform, shelves exteriors, the floor and the sink
  • Washrooms – probably the most crucial aspect of your office – made sparkling clean

Our Dearest Happy Patrons

There are already quite a few, and Abhishek Jagasia (Managing Partner, Stratum Consulting) being one of the first! This is what he had to say:

“I use Mr. Homecare’s cleaning services for my office, and Hammer and Mop for my residence. Excellent work quality with immense detailing while cleaning. Highly recommended.”

We would love to understand your requirements and help you out. Do write in. Thank you!

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