Serving Porus

Hammer and Mop shares the wonderful experience of serving Porus, our dear customer.

We take pride in serving our customers, for each is unique and the individuality shines through from the interactions. We clean homes, we make sure your homes stay in perfect order, and that means taking up responsibility of a pretty personal space. It is fascinating how everyone interacts with us without the outer shells, we interact with everyone at a human level, understanding requirements and tweaking our offering accordingly. We revel in these conversations – for they are simple, minimal and frank.

A Particular Patron

Serving someone who is particular about things is an opportunity for us to learn. We usually end up messing up at some point or the other – either in phone calls, emails or the service delivery – purely because we become over cautious and strive to over deliver. And the feedback comes in, sharp and decisive, on what is expected of us. And that helps us pull up our socks and try again till we succeed. Quite a poetic experience, it always is. While we have been consistent at 90%, there is a certain doggedness to the leaps for 100%.

Porus was quite systematic right from the start, and that raised our antennae. The text messages, the emails and the phone calls were concise, precise and all the similar meaning words put together. We LOVE such patrons, for we are quite anal about the way we write too! And it’s like we have found a kindred soul! Unfortunately, however, this kindred soul is a customer to be pleased! And so the rush starts! And it often ends with a grin-

Porus Pavri Testimonial for Hammer and Mop

Porus Made Our Day

Like all our delightful patrons, he offered a warm testimonial once the work was done. And we are VERY happy to have him as a satisfied patron! So happy, we can’t probably express it in the Donut currency. Thank you all for being with us :)

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